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    • Asha123
      Posted: Feb 24th 2017
    Hi all,

    We order henna candles for gift favour and order was 80 ,so for frist batch we order 20 candles in December and these were very beautiful ,later on supplier was having problem in finding same color candles and same manufacture and we accepted the alternative method given by supplier and it were metallic candles with henna design on it. This time order was 72 and all with metallic candles with same henna design as frist batch candles. Order is completed and send to us and when we are removing candles metallic paint is coming out and money is paid in full. Now supplier say us like she mentioned not to take out from organza bag and all but we need to check gift favours before giving to guest. I dont know what we can do now. We wrote the email to her and all and she mentioned not to take out from organza bag and all and she will send gold pen used for design. My query is anybody had same problem and how to had dealt with this and how to preserve candles still till two months. Hope to hear from you.

    • Emily17
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Feb 24th 2017
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    I would say to her that if you are struggling now they will be worse for guests in 2 months and what will she do. To be drawing them yourself isn't an option. You wouldn't have paid for someone else to do it in the first place if you were happy doing that...

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    • MichelleC961
      Got married 33 months ago
      Posted: Feb 25th 2017
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    Completely agree- if a item can't be touch then it clearly isn't of a reasonable standard to begin with- if I were you I would say that you are not happy with the product and want to return X X get a refund- if she won't then go to trading standards- by law if a product is not of reasonable quality you can return it

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