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Wedding Forum - Lockdown bridesmaid dress shopping...

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    • BryonyEminson2Be
      Getting married in 5 months
      Posted: Jan 19th 2021
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    Hi, has anyone done their shopping for bridesmaid dresses in lockdown? How did you go about doing it? I have 3 bridesmaids and I want all their opinions on the dresses beforehand as I want them to be comfortable and make sure the shade suits them. At the minute I think I would have to take them all separately to try on dresses. Did anyone else do it differently?

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    • RebeccaS8542
      Getting married in 17 months
      Posted: 3 days ago
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    I know that you can book in to Davids Bridal if you have more than one bridesmaid by books three separate appointments for the same time - the shop assistant told me that. They are reopening in March and he gave me that advice, that way they can follow social distancing rules by following how many people can be in the shop/staff to customer ratio but you still all get to see each other in different dresses.

    Maybe other places can accommodate this too? I tried online shopping and gave it up, styles they liked online weren't the same, then had to wait for refunds before I could order a different dress, and then sizes come up different - I gave up in the end. If you have the time to be able to wait a few weeks I would do that and try out what the Davids man told me :)
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