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Wedding Forum - Location for tipi close to Gatwick and...

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    • RosieC50
      Posted: Jan 11th 2017
    Hi all,

    I am based in Switzerland and getting married here. I am looking for a location nearby either Heathrow or Gatwick airport to hold a party on a Saturday evening to celebrate with UK friends and family, I would LOVE to have a tipi...I've found a few companies with them available. But i'm struggling to find a location to actually put it. A field would do the trick!

    Any suggestions at all?? I'm not even sure where to start the search! It's going to be a relaxed event, no formal wedding celebrations as we'll have done that bit. I'd just like a hog roast, live band, and free bar :)

    Thanks so much to anyone that can help!
    • CommentAuthorLoz K
      Posted: Jan 11th 2017
    Hi Rosie, I can't add a link to a possible venue near Gatwick as your profile is restricted. If you unrestrict your profile I'll send you a link as I can't put advertise the name on the forum.
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