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Wedding Forum - I’ve changed the date once, will it...

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    • SadieP52
      Getting married in 6 months
      Posted: 4 days ago
    Good morning!

    I’ve woken up this morning and my mind is just in overdrive. My fiancé and I were due to marry in July 2020 however this was cancelled due to COVID. We have rescheduled for May 2021 but I can’t help but think we’re going to be in the same predicament now! Our venue is large and if we can still have only 15/30 guests it seems silly remaining there and do we switch things up completely and go for an initiate ceremony with just family? I just feel upset and confused and I came across this forum. I suppose I’m just wondering if anybody is feeling the same or finding themselves in the same predicament? I don’t feel like anybody else really understands! Xx
    • MicheleS66
      Getting married in 7 months
      Posted: 2 days ago
    I totally understand how you feel. We are due to get married in june 2021 and I am freaked out by the thought of it. At this point we decided to just go ahead and plan as if we can have the wedding of our dreams but do keep a plan b of a smaller wedding with maybe 30 people in the back of our mind. We dont really want to reschedule as we planned this day for 2 years. However as my family comes from abroad a travel ban would mean we have to move the date as it wont be a true wedding for me without them there. A wedding with less than 30 people would not work for us I think. We are planning for outdoors ceremony in hope to get pictures without facemasks(but likely some distancing). We decided to review things in February/march and then make a decision, as right now its impossible to know what will happen. I just bought my dress so fingers crossed I got a wedding to wear it to. I have no perfect advise sorry. It's just keep calm and carry on for all of us at this point. And keeping in mind that it could be worse and is for many people who lost loved ones due to this pandemic. Stay safe
    • KarolinaN14
      Getting married in 8 months
      Posted: 1 day ago
    Totally understand your concerns. We were due to get married on 4th of July 2020 which was cancelled. New date is 5th July 2021 but I have similar feelings as I'm not sure if that date will go ahead either. My dress is ready, currently hanging in my wardrobe, our wedding rings are in a draw.... almost everything has been ready in March/April. Very confused as well ! The only thing we can do is keep positive although it's hard ! Xx
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