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Wedding Forum - Im 46, Wasn't going to have bridesmaids...

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    • JoW864
      Getting married in 10 months
      Posted: Jan 13th 2021
    Now im getting swept up in wedding planning, and my fiance is having best man & ushers, Im thinking I would quite like to have my 3 best friends as bridesmaids.
    We are all in our 30s/40s. They will be organising my hen so and helping me out on the day, one is my hairdresser.

    These are my thoughts: I ask them all to organise their own outfits in Navy blue (or black? - but the same) and shoes. I pay for them to have a bouquet, a tiara, and have their hair done on the day. I wouldnt want them walking down the aisle in the venue before me etc, but would be nice to have a pic together and for people to know they are "my girls".
    Does that make sense, and do you think I have the etiquette right?
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