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    • MichelleH14
      Posted: Sep 5th 2015
    Hi I'm not sure if this is allowed but I'm looking for some help and apologise in advance if this post goes on a bit wedding was on 31st JULY 2015 and it was a wonderful ...but a few days later I started to realise pieces of our decor package were missing . When I contacted ******* [email protected] [email protected] 3v3nt5 based in Glasgow....for 4 weeks I was given several excuses before they finally admitted their error and finally refunded a poor £60 ....they charged £50 just to add a post box to our £450 package so £60 for 2 bay trees and a wishing tree that we should have received tags with messages from our guests ...we don't get a 2nd chance for those main problem is they don't seems to be one any review sites and they have blocked me on ***** b00k [email protected] so how can I find out if this has happened to other people?
    Yours hopefully
    Mrs Fitchie

    • MichelleC961
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Sep 6th 2015
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    I would write them a formal letter of complaint to the manager and request to be contacted so you can go through your issues.

    Clearly state what should have been part of the package and if you have a contact, copy this and highlight the parts that are missing.

    I would state in the letter that of you do not receive a response then you will take this further.

    If I received no response I would then maybe go to the venue itself and ask to speak to the manager face to face.

    They seem to know they have done wrong but rather than bad mot hinging them on fb for everyone to see, try sorting directly with them in an amicable way and then after you have tried everything you are, I feel within your rights to give negative feedback on sites such as tr1p adv1sor etc

    Hope this helps- it is not nice that you have not got what you paid for- best of luck xxx

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