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Wedding Forum - How do i calculate it???...

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    • princesspixie
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Aug 12th 2014
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    hi everyone, so this one maybe a little strange - Me and H2B decided we wanted to try for another baby before the wedding back in January, we've had no luck yet but haven't been too concerned (we're 26 and 27 years old and got a little boy aged 16 months so pretty much in our prime). I've been doing all the usual stuff like keep a track of periods and checking when I'm ovulating etc. However, during my last cycle i bled between periods this was unusual but it was only a couple of days and i still got my period at the usual the time, but when it happened again this month TWICE i was very concerned and spoke to the doctor they did all sorts of checks and just put it down to my hormones (they're excuse for absolutely everything since i was 11) what I'm wondering is how do i calculate my next period? Do i calculate it from my last period or my last mid cycle bleed? I don't want to get excited thinking the date has passed and i must be pregnant but at the same time i don't want to end up doing something I shouldn't if i am pregnant!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Amy xxx

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    • Showgirl
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Aug 12th 2014
    You calculate it by the first day of your last period. Did the docs measure your HCG levels during the mid cycle bleeding to rule out miscarriage or implantation bleeding?
    The latest family planning guidelines are to prepare your body for pregnancy at least 3 months before TTC so if adapt your diet/lifestyle (including getting started on the prenatal vitamins) as if you are pregnant, you won't end up doing something you should be avoiding later on.
    Best of luck TTC!
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