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Wedding Forum - Hen Do Abroad - Where to start?...

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    • LauraH813
      Posted: May 23rd 2016
    Have any ladies organised a weekend abroad for their hen? Am seriously considering Benidorm as I have seen aN organised package on a website that specialise in hen dos. If i'm gonna organise this it needs to be soon for next summer. I don't want anyone complaining it's too expensive so want to allow lots of time for them to pay it off. My question is did anyone wish they hadn't done it because of the extra hassle? Need to book flights separately to the package and I have no idea where to start. What if people won't commit? I really want to do this but am reluctant to start the ball rolling. My MOH will help me with whatever I decide to do.
    • RachelE293
      Posted: May 23rd 2016

    I haven't had my hen do but am starting to plan it. I have a fb conversation with all my bridesmaids, and I just ask them how they feel about things there (they all live across the country so can't just meet up regularly), I'd advise asking their opinion, even individually next time you meet for coffee, it'll give you an idea of what people are happy with.

    Personally, I'm between a weekend renting out a holiday home with a spa day, night on the town and meal out as well as some 'sleepover' style activities the other nights, and a package spa party tour of Budapest. Both come to around £150 meals and all for about 3 days (unless someone goes crazy at the bars, or has to get a passport). Giving people plenty of time is definitely a good idea, especially if people need to sort passports, time off work etc. My maids and I are in our early twenties, so don't have tons of spare cash. Maybe come up with a few options with your MoH and ask their opinions on what they're happy with?
    • princesspixie
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: May 24th 2016
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    I've just had my hen do in benidorm and it was absolutely amazing i didnt book from one of those websites just booked a weekend package through the travel agent we had a little trouble with our hotel as we booked 15 month in advance they then changed the rules to not allow hen/stag parties so had to pay extra to change hotels but did end up with all inclusive I would highly recommend a night at benidorm palace we went on the first night was amazed it was great i was also worried about people committing but there was 13 of us that went xx

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    • LeanneR0186
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: May 24th 2016
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    Hi Laura, I have organised my best friends hen in Ibiza (we go tomorrow) I am pretty sure we will have a fab time but it has def been more difficult to organise. I booked our hotel one year ago and started with 22 people we go tomorrow with 10. As time has gone on people have dropped due to the price and destination. Even though it was all highlighted from the beginning over a year ago. We are now planning a second hen night in my friends home town so that all her friends can be there. If I could go back in time I think I would have picked somewhere a bit closer to home but hey you live and learn. I can't wait to go though, we will have fun regardless I am sure. xx

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    • CommentAuthorNicolaB7220
      Posted: May 24th 2016
    I went to Benidorm for my hen ad it was amazing - there was 18 of us! We looked at roughly how much flights would be and asked everyone to pay £150 in advance (to get their commitment) and as soon as flights were available we booked and paid using the money we had from everyone and just asked for the remainder. That way, people who wanted to come had already paid so didn't want to lose it so happily paid the rest.

    We booked accommodation over a year in advance (through b00king d0t c0m) and it didn't have to be paid until we arrived and was able to be changed/cancelled up to a week before we actually stayed - it was perfect. We actually collected all the money in advance anyway then on arrival I just used my credit card and paid it off with the money when I got home x x
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