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Wedding Forum - He hates my dress...

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    • JodieC803
      Getting married in 6 months
      Posted: Sep 23rd 2020
    Hi, I have picked and bought my wedding dress, I knew before I went to bridal shop that he hates lace and poofy “Disney” style dresses.
    The dress that I came away with is nearly all lace, very poofy and wouldn’t look out of place on Cinderella. I showed him because we tell each other everything.
    Now I feel awful, and my friends have said that I should have taken his thoughts/ dislikes into consideration.
    What do I do?
    He genuinely hates the dress, on and off me.
    • VerityC21
      Getting married in 7 months
      Posted: Sep 23rd 2020
      Is poweruserBadgeBadge
    Tough one... what a horrid situation to find yourself in.

    I'd be asking myself what mattered more to me: the dress or how my other half felt. If he couldn't look at me on our wedding day without thinking about how much he dislikes the dress, that would make me consider finding another dress.

    However, if you are completely in love with that dress, that makes it a lot more difficult. From your post, you haven't come across as being in love with it, although that might have been your intention and you're hiding how much you love it!
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