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Wedding Forum - Having my nan with me....

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    • ShauniiW31
      Getting married in 28 months
      Posted: May 12th 2019
      Is poweruserBadgeBadge
    hi there, i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. So sadly my nan passed away 3 years ago so wont be able to see me get married, however i would like to find a way to incorporate her into the wedding. i have some jewellery that shes brought me over the years however either cant find anything to match it with or don't know how to use it in the wedding. I've got a silver locket she got me or a greeny bluey bracelet i inherited from her. any ideas how i might be able to include either of these two things will be great! my SIL had her nans locket tied around the bouquet and suggested i could do the same however i feel like shed be upset if i copied that idea from her as that was her own special idea for her own nan.
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