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    • BeccaD53
      Got married 24 months ago
      Posted: Jul 10th 2017
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    Hi everyone,
    We are looking at having our wedding abroad as we would like a beach wedding and cannot find anywhere in this country we both like and can afford. Since finding this out the grooms parents keep asking him if getting married abroad is what he really wants to do as it will make it awkward for them. They want to drive out to the location with their caravan and three dogs, so I have been trying to find a location that we can afford and isn't too far to drive.
    Husband-to-be isn't being massively helpful and I've only managed to get him to look for places once, other than that he doesn't do anything to help and just leaves it to me. He then moans about anywhere I've found saying it's too far for his parents yet he hasn't bothered to try and find anywhere himself! His parents are also insisting we invite various members of their family for the sake of his Nan, when I've never met them nor does my fiancée even talk to them. Complaining about it is the only time his parents talk about it, they've not asked how any planning is going or even offered some money for all the family they want there.
    I'm trying not to become a bridezilla but it's really starting to frustrate me when my family and myself are the only ones who seem to interested in doing it'
    • NicoleW665
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Jul 11th 2017
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    Hi Becca,

    That does sound quite stressful.

    I do think you should make it as easy as possible for grooms parents but still within what you want. My opinion is that groom needs to help out more if it's his parents that you are catering for. I'd say make an evening out of searching for your location. get a bottle of wine or whatnot, pull out the laptop and sit together and browse. They way he's included and can see for himself that it's not easy but you are also doing it in an enjoyable way x

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    • Elinor Claire
      CommentAuthorElinor Claire
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Jul 11th 2017
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    Have you thought of one of the Channel Islands or Scilly Isles? With a car ferry your relatives can get there and the climate is better than mainland UK. Otherwise northern France is doable in a caravan. Although if you haven't it's worth checking out Northumberland, there are some beautiful beaches there. Regarding relatives being invited, you need to establish rules for yourself and be consistent, then no one has good reason to complain. If they do then explain that your budget and space are limited.

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