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    • AlexN29
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: May 13th 2014
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    Please help! I just got a call from the registry office in England that we have booked with. She said because we live in Scotland we needed to live in England for 7 days and give notice in England. It says on the gov website that is has to be within 3 months, however she said that we can do it a year before.
    I am so confused, how do we prove that we have lived in England? Can we just live at his parents? When do we give notice?
    I am sure I will think of more questions but has anyone else done this?
    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunni
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: May 13th 2014
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    I think if you can produce a letter from someone stating that you are living there they MIGHT accept that.

    Tbh I think I would be calling them back and asking what proof they need to see and when

    • Leannefay
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: May 13th 2014
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    We had this problem as well, as we live in Dundee and are getting married in York. We stayed with my mum for 8 days and visited the registry office on the 9th day, you don't count the day you arrive in England as your first day it's the first full day! We did it last October and we are getting married this August. We were able to do it for up to a year in advance because we gave notice in the same council district, if you both intend to give notice in different ones you have to do it 3 months before your wedding day. Proving out residence was a nightmare for us, my mum wrote a letter for us to give to the registrar, yes like a note to get you out of PE when you're at school. She basically put we had lived with her from .... to .... but that wasn't acceptable it had to be an open date of ... and ... have lived with me since .... and be left it an open ended with no leaving date. Luckily we got a very understanding woman who gave up some of her lunch hour to sort it out when we got a new letter as we were traveling home that afternoon. All our forms have been sent to my mum's address as well but i'm not sure if that was an oversight in the hand over between my mum's council districts registrar and York's registrar. Hope this helps!
    • KayleighB
      Posted: Aug 10th 2014
    I was hoping someone had posted about this, we're in the same boat, living in Scotland but want to get married in Devon. So it can be any district in England you can give notice in? It would be a bit of a trek if we had to travel down to Devon to do it..
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