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    • UKBride (Boss Man)
      CommentAuthorUKBride (Boss Man)
      Posted: Mar 6th 2010
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    Welcome to the UKBride Forum! To make life easier this post lays out some general rules, guidelines and answers some frequently asked questions.
    This text is the starting point first version and WILL have holes and some of you may even disagree with what is said. So if you have something you wish raise for adding to this please do contact a moderator to discuss the matter.

    When discussions are created you are required to choose a category. e.g. 'Brides'. Please make sure you choose the correct category! Do not for instance post an article about 'Where’s my gold heart' in the 'Brides' category... This category is for wedding talk not chat about loyalty points! There are separate discussion categories for those topics!
    Also while you are allowed to post about everyday life to get help from other people threads with topics like "Just got in from work' are generally not allowed and the mods will delete if too much UNRELATED WEDDING chat appears.

    Look through the discussions in each category to familiarise yourself with the kinds of topics which should be posted in them.

    If you do post in the wrong category, be prepared to be suitably responded to or even have your post DELETED!


    General Chinwag is a thread that is renewed on a weekly basis. If you want to chat about random non- wedding related topics just join in with the chat. Please do not feel intimidated by the amount of posts, just go to the last page and leave a message. You don't have to read every post. This is for everyone, so whether you just want to say hello, or vent about the kids misbehaving then this is the place to do it.

    We aim to cut down as many different "Life related" threads as possible to leave the forum clear for Wedding posts. This also means that if it's in one place, it helps us to communicate better and share the other parts of our lives as a community, rather than having things dotted around the site.

    GAME THREADS - To keep the forum as wedding related and as tidy as possible ALL game threads WIILL be sunk so they don't over run the front page. So if you wish to be part of such a thread please bookmark them so you can keep track of them.
    NON WEDDING RELATED THREADS - Will be sunk after 2hrs, again to keep the front page to wedding talk. (Please bookmark instead if you want to keep track of them)

    Before you hit the post button to submit your thoughts or questions please check:-
    * Are you posting in the correct category? Putting things in the right category benefits everyone, as some months down the line someone may go looking for a certain topic, and find your thread with useful replies.
    * Have you really checked to see if the discussion isn't already underway or has already been answered? (please do not post the same topic but worded differently within an hour of each other, use the same thread).
    * Is your Topic descriptive of your comment?

    These three simple checks might sound like common sense, however its often easy to get carried away! And no one wants to have to trawl through 10 different discussions all talking about the same thing to find the nugget of useful information!

    Please do NOT repeat the same topic over and over, if someone has made a post about something then don't post the same topic two minutes later. We have a search facility that will help you find a topic or look on the first five or so pages, if what you want isn't there then by all means post.
    There are several sticky posts at the top of the page (introducing newbies, sharing your wedding date on the calender) please use these so we don't get repeat topics.

    By default you are presented with a list of ALL discussions. Whilst this is great to have a birds eye view of all the conversations taking place it can be difficult to home in on an area which you are specifically interested or want to follow.

    To see the discussions by categories simply click on the 'Categories' link in the pink menu bar. Then you can choose an area to peruse!


    Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in the forums.....

    QUESTION:-Are we allowed to recommend a shop/venue/name of a business that we have had good service from but not affiliated with?
    ANSWER:- you can recommend a shop/venue etc but you have to put their details on your own wall - for example

    "I know a great place in Bangor that does fantastic food - details on my wall"

    [ Much more still to do here and perhaps separated off in a separate discussion - Let us know what you think should be included everyone! ]

    Advertising of a business, product or supplier is not permitted on the UKbride forum. Only brides to be may make use of the forum with the only exception being UKbride experts. These are experts in their fields who are there to offer impartial advice to forum users. These suppliers can be identified by a badge on the forum that says “UKbride Expert”. These carefully selected experts are entitled to use real world examples drawn from their own experience to answer questions, but not to blatantly advertise their own business. For example: "We at XYZ photography generally find that most brides spend upwards to £1000 on their photography - this would be a realistic figure to put into your budget. "
    UKBRIDE members advertising their own business by offering FREE services is also frowned upon, if you wish to offer something for free (that you no longer need or want) by all means do so but no advertising your business while doing so and leave information on YOUR wall for others to see NOT in the forum!
    NO links of any kind are to be posted in the forum, if you want to share something you've found, then please by all means let people know in the forum but post the link to the profile wall of those who would like to look or on your own. This is because we had people questioning why we could post some links but not others. To stop the confusion we at UKBRIDE decided ALL links would be banned in the forum.

    All advertising and links will be DELETED by the moderators!

    Advertising on the forum or blatant advertising on members walls or through pm is also not tolerated.
    This includes promoting friends/relatives businesses. Tell the person asking that you know someone then post on their wall NOT on the forum.

    No names of other sites/companies/shops that do the things UKBride does will not be permitted, IE if you find another site that has the same wedding tools that we do then you may post to member's walls IF asked but do not name in the forum.
    Well known sites like facebook and ebay can be used in conversation but NO links to them may be used (most people use nicknames for these like bay of e and face ache, which is fine if you wish to do this if unsure).
    Also people RECRUITING to other site's is not tolerated and your account MAY be suspended or even deleted.

    NO emails are allowed in the forum. This is for your safety as well as our clients and other members.

    Due to an increase of "VOTE FOR ME..." topics, it has been decided at UKBride that these topics should be banned from the forums. This is because UKBride runs monthly and annual competitions and these threads are advertising companies that are UKBride's competitors. In aid of fairness ALL non-UKBride competition/fundraising threads will be deleted, even if they are not wedding related competitions.

    These are the people both responsible and involved with the forum on a daily basis:-

    * Jules - Julian is the BOSS of UKBride!

    * Ian - Ian leads the UKBride IT techie team of UKBride.

    * Charlotte - Charlotte is an admin whizz and helps look after brides queries sent via the contact page.

    * Anna - Anna is our fabulous editor!

    * Lalabunni
    * InDreamland
    * Glitterfairy

    - are all bride members just like you! but have volunteered (and voted in by UKbride members) to be a Moderator for the forums.

    If you have any ideas for UKbride, or suggestions for improvements please let the moderators know (simply choose Moderators in the Category).



    If you choose to use the forum you will come across opinions that you may not agree with or people who you may not get on with, but to use the UKbride Forum you MUST get on with everyone on the site.
    Rude, nasty, offensive, homophobic, sexism, ageism, racism, discrimination against ANYONE and general impolite posts will be deleted and members breaking this rule will be blocked from using the site!

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    Jules x x x

    The Mr Potato Head of the UKbride Website!!!
    [email protected]
    • Mrs (Dove) Pidgeon
      CommentAuthorMrs (Dove) Pidgeon
      Got married 11 years ago
      Posted: Mar 17th 2010
      Is poweruserJust marriedBadgeBadge

    You get points for making friends, creating threads and posting, to show how much you love ukbride.
    These add up to loyalty hearts

    5 hollow hearts =NEWBIE


    1 Pink Heart = 500 points = TEENAGE CRUSH
    2 Pink Hearts = 1000 points = FALLING IN LOVE
    3 Pink Hearts = 1500 points = BECOMING OBSESSED
    4 Pink Hearts = 2000 points = TOTALLY SMITTEN
    5 Pink Hearts = 2500 points = ENGAGED AND HAPPY


    1 Silver Heart = 3000 points
    2 Silver Hearts = 3500 points
    3 Silver Hearts = 4000 points
    4 Silver Hearts = 5000 points
    5 Silver Hearts = 10,000 points = WALKING UP THE ISLE


    1 Gold Heart = 20,000 points
    2 Gold Hearts = 30,000 points
    3 Gold Hearts = 40,000 points
    4 Gold Hearts = 50,000 points
    5 Gold Hearts = 100,000 points = HAPPILY EVER AFTER AND YOU BECOME A Power User


    Here's how you earn the points...

    Each visit = 20 points

    Each Friend = 10 points

    Each Discussion started = 40 points

    Each Forum post = 20 points


    When you get three gold hearts you can choose a NAME TAG which goes above your hearts. When you decide on this let the UKbride IT Manager know. [email protected]

    Once you become a power user you can choose your own ticker (the pic nect to your power user badge) that will move down the closer you get to your big day. Once you are a power user Go to your profile, look down the left hand side and see the new 'Power Tools' section, then click on 'My Ticker'.... :)

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    Now a extremely happy German housewife and now a Mother!!!!
    Islay Jean born 24th June in Hannover.
    • UKBride (Boss Man)
      CommentAuthorUKBride (Boss Man)
      Posted: Apr 28th 2010
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    This is how you can post a smiley in Instant Chat and Chatroom...

    ':)' => 'smiley',
    ':-)' => 'smiley',

    ':(' => 'smiley-sad',
    ':-(' => 'smiley-sad',

    ':D' => 'smiley-lol',

    ';-)' => 'smiley-wink',
    ';)' => 'smiley-wink',

    ':o' => 'smiley-surprise',
    ':-o' => 'smiley-surprise',

    '8-)' => 'smiley-cool',
    '8)' => 'smiley-cool',

    ':|' => 'smiley-neutral',
    ':-|' => 'smiley-neutral',

    ":'(" => 'smiley-cry',
    ":'-(" => 'smiley-cry',

    ":p" => 'smiley-razz',
    ":-p" => 'smiley-razz',

    ":s" => 'smiley-confuse',
    ":-s" => 'smiley-confuse',

    ":x" => 'smiley-mad',
    ":-x" => 'smiley-mad',

    Hope that helps

    Jules x x x

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    Jules x x x

    The Mr Potato Head of the UKbride Website!!!
    [email protected]
    • Mrs (Dove) Pidgeon
      CommentAuthorMrs (Dove) Pidgeon
      Got married 11 years ago
      Posted: May 2nd 2010
      Is poweruserJust marriedBadgeBadge
    The common abbreivations you may come across in posts on the forum.

    H2B- husband to be
    FH- future husband
    OH- other half
    B2B - bride to be

    BM- best man or bridesmaid
    MOH- maid/matron of honour
    CBM- chief bridesmaid

    MOB - mother of the bride
    MOG - mother of the groom
    FOB - father of the bride
    FOG - father of the groom
    POB - parents of the bride
    POG - parents of the groom

    MIL - mother in law
    FIL - father in law
    BIL - brother in law
    SIL - sister in law
    PIL - parents in law

    FG - flowergirl
    PB - pageboy

    STD- save the date (not an illness!)
    OOS- order of service

    And some commonly used acroynms on the net...

    IMO- in my opinion
    IMHO- in my honest opinion
    BTW- by the way
    RL- Real life
    FB- facebook
    ROFL- rolling on the floor laughing
    PMSL - peeing my self laughing
    LOL- laughing out loud
    BRB- be right bank
    TIA- thanks in advance
    TY- thank you
    ppl- People
    lmao- laughing my arsé off.

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    Now a extremely happy German housewife and now a Mother!!!!
    Islay Jean born 24th June in Hannover.
    • VintageChic
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Feb 10th 2011
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    Power User Status

    **Ways to become a Power User**

    There are 3 different ways to gain Power User status,

    1- You can rack up your points on the site, there is a post above that explains the point's system. Once you earn 100,000 points you automatically gain Power User Status. The time it takes to gain this amount of points depends entirely on how you personally use the site.

    2- Buy an annual pass for only £20. Go to:

    3- Buy the pass monthly for £2.50. Go to:

    **What do I get when I become a Power User?**

    Currently the Power User tools are a work-in-progress, with the IT team working flat out to ensure they have different tools up and running asap. Here is a current list of what Power User Status includes (this list will expand once more tools are added to be sure to check back often):

    *An extra 100 entries into the annual Win A Wedding competition
    *Instant entry into the monthly prize draws, open only to Power Users
    *A countdown ticker on the forum, which you can customise
    *A signature area for you to customise, this will show under every post you make and can contain a photo
    *The ability to post smilies on the forum
    * Add images to your posts
    * Add Polls to your posts
    * Power User discount in the UKBride Supermarket!
    * Wedding Day checklist
    * Advertise the sale of your wedding dress FREE for 12 months after you've married.
    * Games

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    "Who, being loved, is poor?" -Oscar Wilde

    - Moderator
    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunni
      Got married 10 years ago
      Posted: Jul 6th 2011
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    PLEASE PLEASE read this thread it will clear up lots of questions for you


    Julian Wilkinson
    Jules the boss man - [email protected]

    Ian Bagley
    Ian the I.T man - [email protected]

    Anna Morrish
    Anna our news editor - [email protected]

    Jayne Broughton
    Jayne our sales manager - [email protected]

    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunni
      Got married 10 years ago
      Posted: Jan 7th 2012
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    1,you cannot offer items for SALE here ... this is against the rules and posts will be deleted
    2,Please be cleat about whether you want a swap or if you are offering the item for free
    3,all communication regarding Addresses must be held away from the forum
    4,if you have any worried regarding a swap or who is offering it ( we may have rouge posters) please contact one of the mods asap

    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunni
      Got married 10 years ago
      Posted: Nov 9th 2018
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    Bumped for our lovely newbies


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