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Wedding Forum - First Dance music **closed**...

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    • CattyS55
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Oct 11th 2016
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    Hi All, I wanted to have the first dance with my H2B to be Sade "By your side" as I felt the words meant a lot. However a couple of people have said it sounds a bit depressing for a first song and I ignored them and thought they are not the ones dancing to it. However I am now starting to think that maybe it isn't the right song and wanted to get some suggestions on other songs they are easy to dance to and have meaningful lyrics? Thanks
    • EmmaM1435
      Got married 33 months ago
      Posted: Oct 12th 2016
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    I think it's a lovely song, and IMO I don't see why it's not fitting for a wedding/first dance
    • Glitterfairy
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Oct 12th 2016
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