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    • TraceyC646
      Posted: Jan 16th 2017
    Hi All

    I'm looking for a venue in Essex that will supply a wedding breakfast and some evening food, but will also allow us to have our own caters too in the evening?

    Thank you Tracey
    • Wizbit89
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Jan 16th 2017
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    HI Tracey,

    have you ask the venue if they will let you use your own evening caterer if you pay a facilities charge? we had the option of choosing an outside caterer but we would of had to pay 150 to the venue to use their facilities, it makes it more expensive but if you have your heart set on a venue it may give some flexibility x
    • TraceyC646
      Posted: Jan 16th 2017

    I haven't tried all yet as some have said no, we would like a BBQ so wouldn't really need to use a kitchen as such, but I will ask they can only say no. Thank you for your reply x
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