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    • TirionW
      Got married 3 months ago
      Posted: Jun 21st 2019
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    Hi ladies wondering if i could get a different perspective on my problem.

    I got engaged about a month ago and my fiancee and i decided that we would get married fairly soon as 1. We are saving for a bigger house and looking to move in 1.5-2 years and also i'm having surgery at the end of this year for a long term health condition.

    We decided April next year was the best time as i will have recovered from surgery and my symptoms wont have returned. I also have 3 other weddings to attend after that month.

    When we looked at out venue there was limited availability for April so we picked a date that worked best for us which fell mid week. When we told my sister she got really uspet saying that she wouldnt be able to come as she's a teacher and it was just after the easter holidays. We didnt realise this was the case. It caused a huge row and resulted in my sister saying she never wanted to speak to me again. As far as she was concerned i should have organised the wedding on a saturday or during school holidays to ensure that she could be there even it meant it costing us a lot more.

    The venue contacted us then to say that there was a cancellation for a saturday in April. I tried contacting my sister stating that we were willing to change the date if it meant she would come. After almost a week we have had no response so we have taken it that she has no interest in coming and we have decided to proceed with the original date.

    Im upset about this as ive been called sellfish among other things.

    Am i being unreasonable? If my health wasnt a major issue and i wasnt looking to move house then yes prehaps things would have been done differently.
    • MarionK59
      Getting married in 10 days
      Posted: Jul 5th 2019
    You've given your sister plenty of notice to try and find a replacement for the day - it's not like it's next week! Surely, with a bit of good will, she should be able to get a day off or swap with a colleague? It's your wedding anyway, besides you have good reason for doing it this way. The fact that your sister didn't even bother to answer your offer of changing the date suggests there are some other issues rather than just the date. I understand she is your sister, and you'd like her to be at the wedding, but if she's ready to sabotage you like that, who knows what else she would be capable of to spoil the day for you? You've shown enough good will by offering to change the date and pay a lot of money to have her there. If she's unable to appreciate it, perhaps it's better if she doesn't come. She's being selfish and unreasonable here, not you. It's YOUR wedding, and if you wish to have it on top of Mt Everest at midnight, it's YOUR choice.
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