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    • HayleyN87
      Posted: Mar 12th 2019
    I don’t know where to post this as it’s such a random thing.

    My venue have advised me that they have an event on on the following day of our wedding which is fine. BUT they have asked that the organisers of this event be allowed to set up a few marquees the day of our actual wedding outside in the grounds. They originally asked this to be done whilst our wedding breakfast was going on but we said no, but then said it can be pushed back to when we are having first dance etc. They didn’t suggest it for the day before as that would mean that the marquees would be there for the entire day.

    Does anyone know if we can refuse this to happen at all? Are we within our rights to say no completely? I expected that there may be another event on on the same day such as a wedding but not people putting up marquees outside. Plus it will still be light at the time and potentially windows open so we might hear it happening?

    I guess that no one here will actually know but I don’t know what to do.
    • Itsjustkay86
      Getting married in 8 months
      Posted: Apr 9th 2019
    Technically if it interferes with your day then yes, you can stop it. Or, allow it to happen but request a hefty discount for it. My friends work friend was holding her wedding at Alnwick castle and they kept calling asking them to move it for another event and they kept saying no. Turns out Victoria and David beckham wanted to hire it the same day for a harry potter themed party and they would literally stop at nothing for the date. They ended up paying for my friends friends entire wedding and honeymoon to have the day. How crazy! (And lucky??) But back on the matter, rule of thumb, if you've paid for a perfect day, they have to give you it. If its not going to interfere with your day then so be it but if it is, demand either hefty discounts for it. Chances are, if theyre asking you it means you can say no and they will honour it :) Good Luck!
    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunni
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Apr 10th 2019
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    If they put them up the day before your wedding ,why not ask if you can then use them for people to sit in while having drinks etc

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