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Wedding Forum - Elopement - after ceremony ideas?...

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    • ChloeR113
      Getting married in 8 days
      Posted: Mar 2nd 2019
    Hi there!
    Really hoping I could get some creative advice for an alternative to just a meal after the wedding ceremony. I am marrying in America on a fiance visa so it is going to be a very small wedding, less than 10 and non of my family or friends will be there, just his immediate family.

    Does anyone have any ideas for things we could do after the ceremony? we are also open to leaving the few family members after the ceremony and going off on our own or having a weekend away but I would still want to do more than just land at the hotel, I would love to be active/engaged in some way.

    My issue is I get quite overwhelmed at meals where its basically all talking (I have to kinda of zone out or excuse myself to take a break) which under normal events really isn't an issue but I don't want to miss half my wedding day staring at the wall ha ha.

    We aren't traditional anyway so I looked up elopement / tiny weddings etc and they all seem to be just a ceremony and then either just a meal or basically a photoshoot around town etc. I haven't found anything on what people get up too once their married/ in the evenings an I really don't want to just go back home or relax at a hotel. I would like the day to feel memorable and feel worth putting on a fancy dress. My original plan that fell through was a secret supper club style wedding (where they would just arrange the special access spaces/tours and the whole thing would be a surprise.. omg no planning! haha.) I loved the idea of the whole day being a surprise and would feel memorable enough. So gutted it fell through.

    Anyway, any ideas would me AMAZING because I am proper stumped.
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