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Wedding Forum - Do I invite my friends partner?...

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    • Missy2b
      Got married 6 months ago
      Posted: Apr 16th 2019
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    A friend of mine has recently split with her bf of 3 years. I have never met him, however, I don’t like the sound of him at all. She said he was aggressive with her at the start of their relationship, said some awful things to her about her being married before, and he drank too much. So much she went to AA meetings with him. She always makes excuses for his behaviour.
    They recently split up and she said when I told her about my wedding, she was a bit apprehensive (she didn’t seem particularly excited at the time). She said she was worried about him going with her as he embarrasses her. They went on holiday to the Caribbean and he got drunk and was being aggressive to people and being racist! That is not the kind of person or behaviour I want at my wedding. I know they aren’t together, but as I say, she always makes excuses for him and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up back together. I wasn’t keen on inviting him in the first place, but after telling me about his racial behaviour (I have many different races attending my wedding), I don’t want him there at all. Makes me so anxious thinking about it.
    Obviously this is only an issue if they get back together, which I’m 90% sure they will.
    • lala "mod" bunni
      CommentAuthorlala "mod" bunni
      Got married 7 years ago
      Posted: May 10th 2019
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    I would absolutely refuse to have him there, why should you risk your day on someone else's behaviour ? ..w

    • RuthC50
      Getting married in 27 months
      Posted: Jun 17th 2019
    As mean as it sounds, I've refused (along with my Fiancé) that my best friends partner isn't allowed to ours. He treats her awfully and has rubbed myself and my Fiance the wrong way with acting like a child in front of us, trying to show dominance over her....
    My best friend (also my maid of Honour) understands and agrees he shouldn't be there!!
    • MartynaD1
      Got married 9 months ago
      Posted: Jun 18th 2019
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    Hey, it's your wedding and you need to be comfortable with all the guests. Extend the invitation to her and her only. She will have a much better time if she doesn't have to stress about him embarrassing her or having to babysit him if he gets wasted. And fingers crossed they won't get back together anyways.
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