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    • HannahJ937
      CommentAuthorHannahJ937Getting married in 15 months
      CommentTimeJul 29th 2018
    I am recently engaged and am litterly over the moon (been with my partner for 6years). I cannot wait to be married and had always fantasied about what our wedding would be like.

    My parents very very messy divorce was finalised just before Xmas although they have been separated for 3 years. I am close to both parents my sister and my Dads new partner (he had an affair with her).

    My mum is obviously very very bitter about my dad and all she does is bad mouth him and his new partner and my sister hasn’t seen or spoken to him in 3 years.

    The thought of having a wedding is now making me really sad and actually giving me nightmares, the thought of having the wedding I have in my head completely ruined by my parents and sister is making me so anxious.

    It is making me really just want to elope and not have a wedding at all which I know I will regret and isn’t something that either of us want.

    Has any been through the same things , any advise or tips etc
    • Kimmie89
      CommentAuthorKimmie89Getting married in 8 months
      CommentTimeAug 10th 2018
    We also have a fair share of family drama between myself and my fiancé- I feel your pain!!

    I would sit down with your Mum especially and explain how you're feeling, what exactly is causing it and what you need from her for your day. Say that you understand why she's upset and you're not asking her to forgive him, but for your sake you'd really appreciate if she can put it aside for one day. Explain how the negativity will ruin your day and is making you want to elope. You're her daughter and I'm sure she wants the best for you regardless, and I'd hope she'd really be able to put her own issues aside for you.

    My parents split when I was 5 (also an affair) and although my Mum has been married to my step-dad for 20 years, she's still bitter with him and my step-dad can't stand him either. But the minute I told them I was engaged, they both suggested going for a drink with my Dad and have insisted they'll put their issues aside for me. Not sure how my Dad will be though! I'm planning on having both Dad and Step-Dad walking me down the aisle...that's a whole other conversation.

    Good luck, I'm sure it'll all workout fine and feel free to vent because it really will keep you sane!
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