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Wedding Forum - Cost of ceiling drapes?...

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    • CommentAuthorLoz K
      Posted: Jun 22nd 2016
    Hi ladies,

    My sister in law is dressing my venue as our wedding present but I don't want her to be inundated with things to do on the morning of our wedding. Me and OH would like ceiling drapes and as I imagine that this will be the most time consuming part of the day I'm thinking of hiring a separate company to do this, to take away the stress. Are any of you having ceiling drapes and if so what's the cost of this? I've had a quote from one company and they've estimated £500 just to do the ceiling drapes, which seems high. What do you think? (I'm in the south east btw).
    • NicoleW665
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Jun 22nd 2016
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    im not sure about ceiling drapes but i was quoted 200 for just a backdrop so im thinking the drapes will be even more which i think is a little pricey for some curtain

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