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Wedding Forum - Catholic and non baptised wedding?...

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    • IrishLion
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Sep 7th 2014
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    I kinda need some advice. Im catholic and my H2b is not baptised. I had a near death RTA 3years ago and I believe God played a massive part in me not dying. H2b believes 'someone' exists up there but hes not sure, but hes willing to get a church wedding as it means a lot to me. I want to marry in the eyes of God.

    My prob is how do i go about approaching a church etc, how do i choose, what do i say, how do i convince them him being non baptised is not a bad thing and hes open minded - although he doesnt want to be baptise. but is happy for our kids to be in the future.

    Please help ladies.

    • WelshBrideBethan2015
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Sep 7th 2014
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    Hi ,
    I am having same kinda wedding however it's the other way around as in H2B baptised and I'm not but I am a believer it's just my parents wanted me to choose and life got in the way so never been baptised. We contacted the cathedral where we wanted to marry and explained to priest our situation and he then arranged meeting with him to discuss further. When we met we talked through normal stuff like how long we had been together, dates we were thinking of and then filled forms in . During the meeting the priest did ask if I wanted to be baptised in future and of course offered that service to me but did say I didn't need to if I didn't want too .
    So contact the church you want to marry in and they should point you in right direction of what is needed :)

    Currently we are awaiting dates for marriage class (1 day event) and sorting meetings with priest to organise day more :)

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    • CatherineR
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Sep 7th 2014
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    My cousin and hubby got married last year and they were similar too; he's Catholic and she's not religious whatsoever. She didn't need to be baptized but I know in the vows and meetings they had to bring up their children in the Catholic Church e.g. getting them baptized etc and they had to go to church once/twice a month and also go to regular meetings too, again once/twice a month I think. However he was a stricter priest and had no sense of humour so it often depends on the priest as some you'll have to do more, others less! Tbh though, as long as you approach the priest in a mature, understanding way so that he sees you are both serious about it, means everything to you both to be married in front of God and are willing to work with them/do what's expected then you shouldn't have too much of a problem :)

    Keep us posted!! xx

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    • IrishLion
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Sep 22nd 2014
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    ty guys, i emailed the church and the receptionist rung me back, we just have to pay a visit to church for a service and see the priest afterwards. Just have to convince the h2b that he wont catch on fire as he walks in haha
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