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    • IsabellaH69
      Getting married in 33 months
      Posted: Sep 8th 2020
    myself and 4 others are going to be bridesmaids for a wedding being planned in under 7 months!! I am being asked to buy my own MUSTARD coloured bridesmaid dress, (every bridesmaid will wear a different dress to their choice but the same colour sort of). Were now also being asked to buy matching cream shoes to the brides choice, a pashmina, a hair piece, stay at accommodation the night before and switch hotel the night after because the venue is booked up and also pay for a weekend away hen do. the other bridesmaids haven't commented on this extra cost and the hassle of moving from one hotel to another that day, infant they've stuck to being people pleasers and saying how everything is great, but I don't think I'm the only one that feels frustrated.

    We've also been heavily warned that it is out the question to miss any of the wedding even though its before the next annual leave term therefore I am relying on shuffling my days off to go to this wedding as I have already delegated my annual leave.

    The venue is beautiful at a big price tag and it seems were all funding the extras for the brides dream because she's rushing to get married in 7 months and have a show off day to impress her family. she has even said she can't afford her wedding dress and will be asking family members to either buy it or donate to it. I'm surprised she doesn't wait a year until she can afford it all.

    I myself am about to move out and will be paying for my own wedding soon, this wedding is going to be costing me roughly £300-400 just for being chosen as a bridesmaid, I don't want to sound petty about having to buy a dress and all the extras but the colour looks awful on me, I'd never wear it again and its all the rest we are expected to buy!

    Any advice out there, I feel awful but I really don't want to have to deal with all of this expense in such a short time frame! I am close to the bride, but she keeps putting off meeting up with me, not seen her since well before lockdown, I feel i need to discuss this in person rather than via messenger.
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