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    • ErinV
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Sep 16th 2014
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    I am looking at booking appointments to meet with florists and discuss bouquets and buttonholes. My mum, mil and moh are going to come with me and I wondered how many florists we should visit. I have researched my local florists and there are about 4 decent looking ones, but not sure how many too see in one day - don't want to overload our brains with bouquet types and prices. How many have you ladies met with?

    We have already sorted out reception flowers (table flowers) with the lady who is dressing our venue, but wanted to get our bouquets elsewhere. H2b has told me to splurge on these as we got such a good deal on our table flowers.

    Any other advice on floral appointments/consultations will also be appreciated.

    Many thanks.
    • CommentAuthorMidgetGem89
      Posted: Sep 17th 2014
    maybe just get 2 or 3 different prices and styles? see which one u click wih best

    i went to one and stuck with this 1 altho i did send pics and request rough quotes elsewhere. she was cheapest and shes been so helpfull with more than just flowers shes pointed me in the direction of other people x
    • AprilS61
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Sep 17th 2014
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    We we t with our local florist where the family gets flowers from all the time so knew we would only be going to the same place. I would maybe get about 3 quotes though, the prices will vary slightly but I'd like to think they'll be round about similar prices.

    I would have a look at pictures you like and take them with you. I know nothing about flowers other than roses, lilies, Daisy's etc haha.

    I think ours were about £280 for my bridal shower bouquet, 3 BM posies, 3 groomsmen corsages and 4 buttonholes, & 3 thank you bouquets x

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    • ErinV
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Sep 18th 2014
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    Thanks ladies.

    I have booked 2 appointments for next weekend so will hopefully get those sorted next. Need to learn about flowers and what looks I like for then!
    • sALLY
      Posted: Sep 19th 2014
    I went to 1 who is very local and i walk past her shop nearly everyday so have seen various displays of hers already, i went in armed with pictures and the colours of what i wanted and she named the flowers i liked and told me what would also work well. her prices were really good all tho i opened my mouth with out thinking and said 'i dont want nothing big as at the end of the day they will die and go to waste' well that was probably not the best thing to say at that time. we have only put a small order in and can add more to that order as we go along if we want anything else. i put my deposit down straight away as i know how booked up she gets
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