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Wedding Forum - Big budget help needed...

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    • KayleighB412
      Posted: Sep 29th 2015
    Hi all,

    I'm just looking for some advice. I'm in Stoke-on-Trent.

    Me and my partner have been together for 6 years and known each other for 8...we have a 15 month old little girl and we got engaged this January.

    We don't want a fancy wedding as we're quite happy spending money on our little girl and working on our new home. However, I really want to get married as I hate the fact that my last name is different. Also, a few of the relatives are getting on and are bugging us for a wedding and so here we are.

    We're looking to get married next May/June, so not long to plan and save up which is why we have a budget of £1,000. We also only have 30 guests.

    We'll be getting hitched at the local registry office and hubby has a friend with a nice car to get him to the ceremony.

    I've done a lot of planning already and I'm going to buy silk flowers for my bouquet and button holes on eBay for around £25- £30 all in.

    Hubby's suit, waistcoat, shoes, cravat and haircut all come in at under £150.

    Ceremony is £250 and with notice that's another £70.

    Nice ring cushion (again eBay) for £5 and Ribbons and bows for 2 cars is £9.

    Our rings are £150 for both (we're not material people and my engagement ring is gorgeous so nothing too fancy).

    My jewellery is less than £20 (again just simple).

    Decorations are £12.

    I've got a budget of around £150-£250 for my dress and shoes and I'll be looking at ex-stock shops next week.

    I also need to find a flower girl dress for our daughter who will be 2 by then so no flowers really for her...she'll just pick them apart during the ceremony lol.

    Our invitations are coming out at around £30-£40 but that's not certain yet and I should be able to get my hair done for around £30.

    Here's where I could use some help as I have no clue what to do.

    I still need cheap (but nice):

    - Wedding Lingerie
    - Transport for me and my daughter
    - Cake

    After the wedding we want to go to a local pub for a meal and to cut our cake. Guests will be paying for their own food or drink but ideally (as I'll be in a big wedding dress and we'd like to cut the cake and do toasts etc) I'd like a room separate from the pub but where we still have access to the bar and can order food from the main menu.

    It needs to be close to Newcastle-Under-Lyme Registry office so people can get to it easily enough and obviously serving tasty food would be a good idea too!! Does anyone have any ideas or handy tips?

    Anything really would be of great help :)

    Many Thanks,

    Soon to be Mrs W....
    • JulieB11
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Sep 29th 2015
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    D3b3nhams do nice wedding lingerie. It's not to expensive to start with and they have their blue x sale which is usually 30% off of most stuff including underwear.

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    • Sarah D
      CommentAuthorSarah D
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Sep 30th 2015
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    Hi Kayleigh and welcome

    M&S do wedding cakes you can buy them in what size tiers you want and put it together on a cake board and cake toppers can be bought cheap on the bay xx

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    • Emily17
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Sep 30th 2015
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    I was going to suggest d3bs too for underwear.

    Car for you and your daughter, do you have friends/family that you could ask? if not ask a local executive taxi firm? Their cars are nicer than standard.

    Cake, M&5 (5=S) you can buy the tiered cakes and put it together and decorate yourself?

    Pub, I would call around any that you think of and just ask if they can accommodate.

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