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Wedding Forum - Barn venues midlands??...

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    • LucyF24
      Posted: Sep 24th 2014
    Hi all you lovely brides to be,

    I'm newly engaged and really have my heart set on a rustic barn venue for my wedding, not too keen on old fashioned grand manors. It needs to be in Leicestershire or surrounding areas as a lot of my friends are unable to travel far.

    I fell in love with Mythe barn for the big oak arched windows with open views onto the countryside, specifically at the altar for the ceremony. Sadly We feel it's a little out of budget, considering you are required to use their own very expensive catering services, and we don't want to cut numbers to afford it :'(

    I've seen many other barn venues around Leicester, but none that have that all important countryside window view in front of the altar. Some have windows to the side or small windows, but lack that bright airy feel of mythe barn.
    I've considered marquees but am concerned about unpredictable weather.

    It seems picky and I might be asking the impossible but if anyone can recommend a barn-esque venue with wedding license (even if it's just a village hall, the wooden beams are barn enough for me!) with a window view of the countryside at the altar, for less than mythe barn, I'd be forever in your debt!!
    • CommentAuthorPunkpixi3
      Posted: Sep 26th 2014
    Is Packington Moor too far for you to travel, its beautiful there :)
    • JessicaG46
      Posted: Oct 20th 2014
    Hi Lucy, I've just read your post and I hope it's not too late too comment. We also looked at Mythe Barn and thought it was lovely. I agree about their caterers though, they have the same ones at Packington Moor (also beautiful!) and they are so expensive. We have chosen Newton House in Newton Solney for our venue, which is near to Burton-on-Trent. The venue hire charge wasn't much less than Mythe but the owners are much more flexible and the catering charges are far more reasonable. The venue has huge grounds and we are getting married outside, surrounded by countryside. There is space to get married in the barn but I don't think it will have the view you are looking for. It may be worth a look though, hopefully I will have been of some help. Good luck! :)
    • HazelM69
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Oct 23rd 2014
      Is poweruserJust marriedBadgeBadge
    Yer it actually makes me quite angry about being forced to pay crazy catering prices.....I am getting married at packington moor and opted to delay wedding to afford as I loved the venue so much, I also loved myth but was little too far for me so wudnt be able to get ready at home which I wanted but it went into my scrapbook :P
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