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    • AbigailN70
      Got married 5 months ago
      Posted: Aug 13th 2019
      Just marriedBadgeBadge

    Me and my husband are having a really stressful experience with our photographer and I do not know what to do.

    We got married 30th June 2019 and paid our photographer 2 years ago. We booked him and his wife as they both worked as a team and they had the same style. The day before our wedding around late afternoon he sent us an email saying his wife injured her finger earlier in the week and he's hired someone else instead. He also said his wife been meaning to get out of the photography game for awhile. The photographer he hired they had never met before until our wedding day and he was a completely different style, was dressed scruffy and kept shoving his camera in people's faces. We were really nice and understanding and tried to see the positive in the situation as it was funny how weird this second photographer was.

    Two days after the wedding we then went on our photographers Instagram and saw he had posted pictures from a wedding he did the day after ours but nothing from ours. He kept posting pictures to his IG of other people's weddings after ours but we still hadn't seen any from ours. This made me worry he had lost our photos or that we aren't pretty enough for his social media. I contacted him 3 weeks after our wedding just for 1 or 2 previews. He said he just did a triple wedding and will respond later in the week. No response. We receive the previews 5 weeks after our wedding, no apology, no communication about the delay. The actual photos are due 6 weeks after so not really previews. The second photographers photos are not great but not awful, however they are not the style we paid for. When he sent the previews he said we would get the rest of the photos a week later. Week went by didn't hear anything so sent an email asking when we would get them again he said he just had a triple wedding and was ill so won't get them for another week.

    I don't mind waiting but the lack of communication after the wedding has been awful. He's made me and my husband feel so bad as it feels like he just doesn't care about our wedding.

    The photographs are amazing what he took (from the previews anyways) but I don't know what to do about this bad second photographer and his really bad attitude towards us. We haven't complained yet as we haven't received our photos so we don't want to annoy him.

    Would you guys also he upset by this experience or are we being impatient?

    What's your views on the Social Media issue? It seems odd to me that he's selective about which weddings he posts about and doesn't just treat all couples equally.

    Also he wasn't cheap about 1.5k and he doesn't have any bad reviews so we're worried we've either received an unequal service or that we're being a bit overly sensitive. Any advice would be great as we're really stressing over this.

    • richardoner
      Getting married in 19 months
      Posted: Sep 30th 2021
    You have a rather strange situation indeed. I have been engaged in photography for 15 years and could never afford to transfer my order to someone at the last moment, and even more so to someone so incorrect. This is terrible ! I would advise you to try to fix the situation at least a little and find a less experienced but talented photographer and make a small photo shoot of your family. It is possible by the way to make it in unusual locations so that the photos are brighter and more interesting. I myself often look for locations for photos on
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