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We specialise in transportation services for weddings, offering a diverse fleet of vehicles ranging from classic to modern models.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! At Dorchester Luxury Travel, we understand that every detail of your special day should be perfect, and that includes the transportation. Allow us to share more about how our business can contribute to the magic of your wedding:

Diverse Fleet of Elegance: We offer a diverse fleet of wedding cars, ranging from timeless classics to sleek modern models. Choose the vehicle that resonates with your style and complements the theme of your wedding.

Professional Chauffeurs: Our experienced chauffeurs are not just drivers; they are experts in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. Impeccably dressed and well-trained, they understand the significance of your day and are committed to making it extraordinary.

Tailored Just for You: We believe in making your dreams come true. Customise your chosen wedding car with our special packages. From personalised decor to colour schemes, we work closely with you to ensure every detail aligns with your vision.

Reliability at Its Core: Punctuality is our promise. We understand the importance of timing on your wedding day, and our commitment is to get you to the venue stress-free and on schedule.

Transparent and Hassle-Free Booking: No hidden surprises. We maintain transparency in our pricing structure, making the booking process straightforward and stress-free. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Beyond Transportation: Elevate your wedding experience with our additional services. Capture the beauty of your day with our photography packages, and toast to your love with complimentary champagne presented in the elegance of your chosen wedding car.

Flexible and Accommodating: We know wedding plans can be dynamic. Our flexible booking options, including date changes and easy cancellation policies, are designed to accommodate any unforeseen adjustments.

Let Dorchester Luxury Travel be a part of your love story, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to your journey into a new chapter of life. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss your preferences, check availability, and let's create unforgettable memories together.

Wishing you joy and love as you embark on this beautiful journey!

Dorchester Luxury Travel UK at a Glance

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Price Range
£325 - £2400
The wedding car hire company boasts a diverse fleet of vehicles, offering a range of elegant and luxurious options to suit various wedding themes and preferences. From classic vintage cars to sleek modern models. The company prides itself on providing experienced and well-trained chauffeurs who ensure a smooth and memorable transportation experience for the bride, groom, and wedding party. These chauffeurs are not only skilled drivers. Recognizing that every wedding is unique, the company offers customization options to meet individual preferences. Whether it's decorating the car with specific colors, adding personalized signage, or incorporating special requests. Reliability is a key hallmark of the wedding car hire service. The company places a strong emphasis on punctuality, ensuring that the wedding party arrives at the venue on time and stress-free. The wedding car hire company maintains transparency in its pricing structure, offering clear and comprehensive packages. Couples appreciate the upfront information about costs, inclusions, and any additional fees. From the cleanliness of the vehicles to the smallest details in decoration, the company pays meticulous attention to every aspect of the wedding car experience.

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your special day? Look no further! Dorchester Luxury Travel is thrilled to introduce an exclusive promotion to make your wedding transportation as memorable as the ceremony itself. ? Book Now and Enjoy the Following Benefits: ???? Complimentary Upgrade: Reserve any of our stunning wedding cars, and we'll sweeten the deal with a complimentary upgrade to a premium vehicle of your choice.

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Top Wedding Tips

Plan and Book Early: To secure the car of your dreams, plan and book early in the wedding planning process.

Make sure you visit the car in person. Alot of businesses advertise cars which do not belong to them.

Discuss any specific requirements, such as decorations, customisations, or special requests, to ensure everything aligns perfectly with your vision for the big day.

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Rolls Royce Silver Cloud from the 60s is still one of the favourite ways to arrive at a wedding. its elegant style and comfort is second to none. Its probably still the best Cloud in the business

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Range Rover Limo Hire is the only limo which is available in the UK. Its one of a kind. it seats 8 people and it is one of the best ways to travel for a wedding in the UK.

Jaguar XJ

Indulge in luxury and sophistication with our exclusive chauffeur service featuring the last of the classic shape, the 2009 White Jaguar XJ. We bring you the epitome of British automotive heritage, offering a prestigious and unforgettable experience.

Dorchester Fleet

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Regency Landaulette

Vintage Car Hire - A classic example of a unique classic car hire. Excellent pictures with cars

Dorchester Fleet

Dorchester Luxury Travel Fleet


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UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Adal Raja
Top Cars
Excellent customer service and immaculate cars for our big day!

Highly recommend, with a big range of vehicles.
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
R Sultan
beautiful cars
beautiful cars. driver was on time. very professional service
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
E Pu
Fantastic Service
Excellent service. Made every effort to make sure things ran smoothly. Very courteous and professional driver. Vehicle was in immaculate condition. Highly recommended.
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Mr MMohammed
Superb Service
really enjoyed the day. car was clean and the driver was very humble.
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Hasina M
Service on POint
Even though they were given a short notice they were still able to provide me with a luxury car for my big day! The driver was professional and attentive. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and I will be using them again in the near future.
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Razwan Nawaz
Awesome Service
excellent experience beginning to end
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Excellent Service
Excellent car service
professional drivers


H31 Chadwell Heath Industrial estate, Romford, Essex, RM8 1SL

Dorchester Luxury Travel UK

  • H31 Chadwell Heath Industrial estate
  • Romford
  • Essex
  • RM8 1SL
  • United Kingdom

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