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To allow everybody at a wedding to relax and enjoy the day to the max in the knowledge that nothing is going to be missed as "The Man in the Red Coat" will let them know!

Most weddings are months and sometimes even years in the planning, but on the day itself, you want to be able to relax and enjoy it without having to think about everything that is going to happen.

That is where I come in.

As a professional toastmaster and master of ceremonies, most people think that I am there only to make a few announcements. Well, that is one of the more obvious things a professional toastmaster does at a wedding, but it is actually only the tip of the iceberg.

My role (and this does not apply to all toastmasters) is to take your planning and carry it out on the day. I am not a planner, even though my advice and experience can be invaluable at the planning stage, I am the carry outer!

If you have a planner, then I work very closely with them on the day to ensure the smooth running of everything. I allow them to concentrate on what they do best without the distraction of the people.

If you do not have a planner, then I become the central link between all the other suppliers, like caterers and photographers, keeping them informed, as well as you and your guests about what is going on and where we are with the schedule at any one time.

This means that all your suppliers can get on with doing what they do best in the knowledge that they do not need to worry about the guests and that someone will check in with them as to whether they are ready to go with their part of the event. Likewise, it means that all of your guests can relax in the knowledge that someone will let them know what is going to happen and that as such they will not miss anything either. Finally, it allows you the couple, to completely relax in the knowledge that you can do what you like, whether it is going and taking lovely couples photos, or chatting to your mates, in the knowledge that The Man in the Red Coat will come and let you know what is up next.

Therefore, once the day has started and you have made it to first base, you can forget the time and the schedule knowing that is my concern and no longer yours and as such you should be able to chill out and really enjoy the day as one of the best and most memorable for all the right reasons in your lives.

If you then add to that, the extra advice I can give you at the planning stage, the guidance notes for all who have to speak, the extra notices I give out to make sure that everybody fills in the guest book or goes through the photobooth, or whatever else you want all to do and all announcements are given clearly and with some style, then your day becomes that bit more magical.

During the day you can expect to see and hear from me only when you need to, as most of the time I am running around in the background checking that all is well and ready. All my announcements are delivered with a smile to put everybody at ease and invariably most of your guests will know in advance of any announcement I make because I will have been circulating among them giving them a “heads up” as to what is coming next. (Not giving away any surprises though!) This means less shouting.

I enjoy doing what I do and as such those around me always have a great time at a wedding. (There is nothing worse than a miserable and “shouty” toastmaster!!) My style is collaborative and therefore designed not to antagonise other suppliers and my ethos is to give my clients the best day they can have and if that means I have to roll my sleeves up and muck in to help out another supplier, then that is what I will do to make sure the day runs well.

Weddings do not always run exactly to plan and one of my strengths is that I react well when the unexpected happens. I clearly play to my strengths as I am not the most organised person as I suffer from a form of ADHD, which has been diagnosed late in life and is one reason I am not a wedding planner. However, in unexpected circumstances, this condition acts as a benefit because my brain is already tuned into the random!

So remember, once the day has begun, forget the time and schedule and allow me to take you, your family and your friends through all that you have planned. If something does go wrong, you might notice it yourself as not being exactly as you planned it, but remember, only you and I know what was meant to happen anyway. Invariably everything that you have planned will take place, but sometimes last-minute juggling may be required, and I will do that for you without you having to think your own way around the problem. This all leads to a much less stressful day than it might be otherwise.

I am often asked what is my USP - why would you choose The Man in the Red Coat over other toastmasters?
• Many peers only do events their way. I remember it is not about me, but about what you want. Therefore, I tailor make my delivery to fit the style of the couples’ choice, whether they wish the very formal or as more often is the case at a wedding, formally informal.
• I am by no means the youngest in this role anymore but I have a very young attitude and always join in wherever appropriate.
• I am called The Man in the Red Coat, but I am happy to be dressed as you wish within reason, and although that might make me more of an MC, the level of service would remain the same.

I do on average (pre-Covid) 40 weddings a year and have massive experience at not only running a traditional English-style wedding but also all of the following;
Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, African, Afro-Caribbean, Greek, Chinese and Russian.

I am also equally at home in a large tent, barn or back garden, as I am in a West end Hotel or a building like the Natural History Museum.

As I mentioned I love this job and have had the pleasure of running Weddings all over the world, including Spain, Paris and the three Vs – Venice, Vienna and (Las) Vegas.

Therefore, if you want a brilliant wedding day, that is carefree and fun, where everybody knows their part, then give me a call and let me know your plans. I would love to explore how I can make a difference to your day.

Finally here are two quotes both given to me by two different Fathers' of the Bride.

1. "The children said that they wanted a toastmaster and I said, what do you want one of them for?

But I so get it now. It was the best-invested money, you made everything so easy and kept it all moving to make everything really relaxed. Thank you so much, you have really made their, and if truth be told my day, too. Thank you, thank you"

2. "Thank you so much for making the day run so smoothly and in particular the way you carried on driving the schedule forward, so that we got all that we planned in the time we had hoped for.

Not only were you great value, but you got us all the value out of all our other suppliers too. I am sure that if we had been left to our own devices the three hours that we had for dancing and partying at the end of the evening would have been reduced to about 30 minutes if we were lucky! So a massive thank you and be assured we will be in touch again to use your services at the next family wedding."

The Man in the Red Coat - Toastmaster James Hasler at a Glance

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Vastly experienced in many different types of wedding Tall, commanding, with a good sense of humour and with the adaptability to do it your way. A fellow of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters, which means he is not only trained but has not only his, but also the guilds reputation to think when working. He takes pride in doing things correctly, but adapts his delivery to suit the occasion. He spent his formative years in customer service and so he knows how to work with people from all walks of life and to make sure their needs are met whenever possible. He is also a trained actor, so knows how to tailor his delivery specifically to your needs.

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Top Wedding Tips

If using a Toastmaster or Wedding Planner, once you have arrived on time, get rid of your watch and allow them to worry about the time.

As a bride remember what you are going to have to do in your dress and plan it accordingly (that includes going to the loo!)

Make a good group photo list and publish it to all coming. It saves a massive amount of time.

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Toastmaster of the Year 2019
Toastmaster of the Year 2019


UKbride Approved Supplier
UKbride Approved Supplier
Fellow of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters since 2012
Fellow of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters since 2012
Preferred Supplier Toastmaster for the Asian Wedding Club
Preferred Supplier Toastmaster for the Asian Wedding Club

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UKbride 5 Heart Rating
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UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Nina and Steven
Just Brilliant
James was absolutely brilliant on our wedding day. Not only that; he took the time to talk to us several times before the day to ensure he knows us as a couple and who our guests are, and gave us good tips for the day which helped to make everything perfect and smooth. He looked after us and the guests with such attention to detail that everyone was able to just relax and enjoy the day. Everything run smoothly and on time, James personalised everything especially for us and memorised everyone’s names. He included inside jokes about the guests into his introductions making the atmosphere really intimate and everyone had such a lovely day from the morning to night. I couldn’t rate him any higher; he checked we’re fine throughout the day which we of course were as he took care of absolutely everything. All we had to do was enjoy the ride! Thank you James for making our wedding so perfect!
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Jainish & Deepika
The Perfect Toastmaster
James was the perfect toastmaster at my wedding and reception. He takes away a lot of the stress of the day and keeps things flowing and really does know how to keep the crowd in order. His energy and enthusiasm entertains the crowd well and we cannot recommend him enough. Thank you James for hosting an amazing day for us.
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Amran Hussain
Mesmerising Rapport
Well what can I say about “the man in the red coat” that hasn’t already been said by his former clients. We invited James Hasler to act as a toastmaster and master of ceremonies at my sisters Asian wedding. We didn’t have the easiest of events to run, with many complex parts coming together and with over 1000 guests, (clearly not used to keeping to time!) only James could have helped us deliver it in the special way we hoped for. James mesmerised all with his rapport with our huge array of guests and not only kept everyone moving to the right places but kept everyone glued to all of our ceremonies. After seeing the number of photos and videos circulating amongst our family of James, he was most certainly one of the popular aspects of our wedding! From the moment I got in touch with James till the day of the wedding, the communication and service was truly above and beyond anything I could have expected. I already know many of our guests are looking to book the him for their events and I hope many others out there get a chance to have his valuable services onboard during their events Thank you so much James!
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
John Gross
Top Priority
"Having made many functions over the years it has now been our good fortune to find James for the last two. No significant party or event should ever be without a toastmaster or "Man in Red". You can be and should be a guest at your own wedding or whatever and with the skills of James for such little relative cost (of the whole) this is as near guaranteed as it can be. James is his own understated calm presence, taking control and guiding the crowd throughout the day. He adds his own style, humour and quality of presentation without taking anything away from the central people. A consummate professional, a pleasure to have met and interact. Contacting James will be our highest priority for whatever function might appear over the horizon in the future - book early he is building a truly deserved reputation."
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Chris Smith
Fantastic Service
James was a wonderful toastmaster for our wedding, we were anxious and dubious about having one BUT James was an incredible, invaluable part of our day, genuinely giving a fantastic service with a warm caring personality. Professional and highly recommended !!
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Vijay and Shree
Stellar Reputation
Dear James Thank you again for all that you did for us on our wedding day. Not only did you do your ceremonial roles perfectly but whenever something was about to go wrong all we had to do was give you a nod before you'd jump in and save the day. It's not easy corralling 120+ guests around a venue as big as Froyle Park, but we managed to have 2 weddings and a great evening reception run like clockwork thanks to you. My family has had the pleasure of your service and company at 2 of our weddings now and I am sure given your stellar reputation amongst our community that we will see each other again. All the best and thanks again for all of your hard work. Vijay & Shree
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Mark Chivers Photography
The best there is.
James is by far the best toast master / MC i have worked with. Friendly, amiable and polite, but able to command a room too make sure all your guests are in the right places at the right times, no matter what the event. Always a pleasure to work with
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Emma Ray Chaudhuri
Mr Fantastic
James acted as toastmaster for our wedding at Northbrook Park, Farnham on 7th November. He was absolutely fantastic and ensured the day went very smoothly! I would highly recommend James to anyone, our day wouldn't have been the same without him.
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Tia and Terry
Right Royal Service
James Hasler was Toastmaster at our Wedding at the Royal Berkshire Hotel in Ascot on 22nd August 2015, we first met him two months prior to discuss the requirements, both my wife and I felt in safe hands from the word go. James is professional and extremely well prepared with great guidance and support during the lead up to the day. On the day James was at our venue well before guests arrived from the church to ensure all was ready for our arrival. We arrived at the venue in the wedding car to see James meeting and greeting guests and in turn which made us feel very special. He was absolutely amazing on the day and took all the stress away, we felt in safe hands. All the introductions and sequencing were fabulous and he was our point man for all the guests. So many of our guests that we spoke to in the evening and after we returned from honeymoon were so complimentary of James, we could not have asked for better. I would recommend James to anyone who has a wedding coming up as he just makes everything run like clockwork and his presence and involvement makes for a wonderful day for the bride, groom and all of the guests. Thanks so much James Tia & Terry Saunders
UKbride 5.00 Heart Rating
Reena Chakraborty
Super Smooth
James was the toastmaster at my daughter’s wedding. He was absolutely brilliant! Everything went so smoothly because of him. So many of our guests were really impressed with him, that soon after 2 of our guests who were to be married a few months later hired him for their wedding ! We were organising another a Charity function and we all had to have James again! I strongly recommend James for any big event that you are organising. A toastmaster experience not to be missed!


7 Stanstead Grove, London, Greater London, SE6 4UD

The Man in the Red Coat - Toastmaster James Hasler

  • 7 Stanstead Grove
  • London
  • Greater London
  • SE6 4UD
  • United Kingdom

Meet the Key Person

Image of Key Person James Hasler
James Hasler

On the biggest day of your life, you want everything to run like clockwork. This is where James makes everything simple for you. As an experienced wedding toastmaster based in London, he will ensure the whole day runs without a hitch. Let the Man in the Red Coat take charge of your wedding schedule. He covers any style of wedding and can assist with all the formalities, guiding all your guests and where applicable, giving confidence to those who may have to make a speech on the day. It can be quite daunting for the uninitiated to perform a wedding speech and for them to give an appropriate toast at the end, or during it. However, James makes everything seem easy. By providing notes if required, he ensures that all that needs to be said is covered and that the appropriate people are acknowledged and correct protocols and wherever possible etiquette is adhered to. Additionally, he will liaise with event organisers, suppliers, caterers and entertainers, coordinating all, whilst guiding you through the proceedings and making everything memorable for you and your guests. In a calm, controlled manner, James brings the spectacle of your wedding to life, making sure the day unfolds as you want, in an organised way. James is so much more than just a Man in a Red Coat. He’s the vital link that makes a massive difference between success or potential failure of your wedding. With James in control, everything is done for the best. He is vastly experienced at all types of weddings. He has excellent people skills. He is a Fellow of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters. He is tall, personable and easily identifiable. He takes pride in doing things correctly. ... and finally, whatever style, theme or type of wedding you are planning, James helps to make the day extra special. Although James is a London based toastmaster his motto is “have gavel – will travel and as such has worked all over the world.