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Liam takes care of all key announcements, supplier management, controlling of timings, and entrainment of guests, to ensure that the whole day runs according to your plan, completely stress free.

All wedding couples invest a lot of time, energy, and money in planning their dream wedding, only to discover that they have to take on all the pressure and stress of running the whole day as well. As your dedicated wedding host, Liam takes all of that pressure and stress away, as he runs the day for you, meaning that you get to go to your dream wedding, just like you planned, and make memories which will last a lifetime.

“Just book it!” – Luke Stafford

Liam is with you at every step of your day, from the moment that your guests arrive, until the sun sets, and the party is well underway.

Ensuring that all suppliers have everything that they need and all the information to play their part, working closely with photographers, videographers, and venue managers, Liam effortlessly executes the plan for your wedding day, ensuring that everything happens just like you dreamed.

He will make all key announcements, ensure that the day progresses, keep everyone informed, make sure that no one misses the key events, and ensure that everyone is entertained throughout the whole event.

Liam will give you both the very best entrance and introduction to your guests, starting the party atmosphere right from the start of the event, and will carry on that energy throughout the whole day as well.

Performing feats of magical impossibility along the way, your guests will arrive at your wedding looking for a good time, and leave knowing that it’s the best wedding that they have ever been to!

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£1,000.00 - £2,500.00
Liam has over 15 years experience of performing and hosting the best Weddings. Hundreds of Happy couples, Awesome Weddings, and thousands of wedding guests entertained. Full day hosting services to incorporate entertainment, announcements, management of timings, Master Magician and a Member of the Professional MC Association What they said --- "You are in great hands on your big day, Liam will take care of everything, and make it all run smoothly and to plan. He is such a great guy, and exceptional magician. We couldn't have had our day without you!" Want to make your wedding better than your sisters? Look no further!

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Top Wedding Tips

Make sure that you've got "someone on the inside!" Don't try to do it all on your own. Running a wedding day is stressful, get a professional to hello and advise you.

Make a plan of the whole day. Build a run sheet, with timings and details, so that every supplier knows what their role is, and what they need to do to make your big day the very best it can be.

Hire me! OK, not so much of a tip, but I can help you make your wedding day the best anyone has ever seen, and give you the stress free, dream wedding you deserve! Get in touch to find out more.

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Member of The Magic Circle – 1998
Associate Member of The Inner Magic Circle – 2016
Silver star for Excellence in Performance
Member of The Magic Circle – 1998 Associate Member of The Inner Magic Circle – 2016 Silver star for Excellence in Performance


Member of The Professional MC Association
Member of The Professional MC Association

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Lauren and Luke
Don't Hesitate, Just Book it!
We've had the best wedding ever, with Liam, who has been the most fantastic host and Magician.

He has been mind blowing at all the organisation, making sure that everything went to plan, and the magic was Incredible!

Best day ever, and our whole day was complete.


35 St. Marys Road, Grays, Essex, RM16 4JX

Liam Ball Wedding Magician

  • 35 St. Marys Road
  • Grays
  • Essex
  • RM16 4JX
  • United Kingdom

Meet the Owner

Image of Key Person Liam Ball - The Gentleman Magician
Liam Ball - The Gentleman Magician

Greetings, dear reader, Allow me to whisk you away into a world of enchantment and sophistication, where dreams are woven into reality, and your wedding day transforms into an unforgettable masterpiece. I am Liam, The Wedding Magician, and I am your key to orchestrating the most extraordinary celebration of love and union. Picture this: You stand before your loved ones, bathed in the soft glow of an opulent venue, surrounded by the essence of timeless elegance, as you embark on your wedding day which has been meticulously planned to emphasise every aspect of your personalities, and bring joy, love, and timeless memories for you and your guests. As your host, master of ceremonies, and magician, I am your guiding star through this enchanting journey. My artistry is more than mere tricks; it's a symphony of wonder that captivates hearts and leaves a lasting impression. With my seasoned expertise and a touch of Victorian charm, I curate every moment of your special day with finesse. From the delicate notes of your ceremony to the grandeur of your reception, I ensure that every detail is meticulously crafted. Your wedding day is not just an event; it's a story waiting to be told, and I am the narrator who breathes life into every chapter, and the navigator, who will steer you all from one event to another with effortless ease. The thing which truly sets my services apart is the dedication to making your dreams come true. I am here to listen, to understand your vision, and to transform it into a reality that surpasses your wildest expectations. From the first consultation to the final flourish of magic, I am by your side, ensuring that your day is a seamless, enchanting experience. For those who seek the pinnacle of sophistication, who long for a wedding that resonates with class and charm, I am here to serve you. My ideal clients are those who understand the value of creating memories that last a lifetime. They appreciate the magic of love and the impor