The Real Wedding of Zara & Richard

Zara & Richard's Wedding Story

Oh my goodness! Shooting this wedding was an absolute honour. These two though. Been together since forever and they couldn't get any closer to each other or be more in love if they tried!
The Groom. Every Bride's dream. All he wanted to do on the day was make her happy. And he was oh so nervous! It was the cutest thing ever.
I chose this photo for the feature of their wedding because each and every one of these guys was so protective of this beautiful Bride-to-be. There was so much love.
Shooting this wedding at Royal Marine Hotel in Whitstable simply took my breath away. It was a very long and beautiful day.

Wedding Details

Venue Details
Royal Marine Hotel, Whitstable Kent
Colour Scheme
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Dee Luci Photography Ltd

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