The Real Wedding of Toni & Bruno

Toni & Bruno's Wedding Story

First of all a massive thank you for organising our day, it went perfectly thanks to you.

I knew the Vaults did great food but both the sit down and buffet surpassed all expectations and was wonderful quality.

The venue really is beautiful and magical, everyone commented on how gorgeous it was - picture perfect!

I think people should learn to trust in you lol I will definitely look to having future events with you as it was so special.

I'm sorry but wasn't impressed with DJ but I know that's separate to you.

Overall comments from family and friends was how relaxed, special and beautiful a day they had.
We can't thank you enough....feel free to look on my fb for any pics u wanna use but if not I will attach a few to this email.

Married in candlelight was a dream!

Wedding Details

Venue Details
The George Vaults, Rochester Kent
Colour Scheme
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George Vaults

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