The Real Wedding of Mike & Rachel

Mike & Rachel's Wedding Story

Mike and Rachel celebrated their festival tipi wedding at Cuttle Brook, Derbyshire in three giant hat tipis.

When we first start talking couples through their planning journey, we more often than not end up on the conversation of making your day all about what you love – and boy did Mike and Rachel do just that!

They filled their day with so many fun, quirky details and we absolutely loved it! From Scalextric track with a Top Gear themed lap time score board, to a wood fired hot tub as a central point to their glamping village.

There was so much going on that we can’t wait to show it to you.

Wedding Details

Venue Details
Cuttle Brook, Swarkestone Derbyshire
Darren Cresswell
Colour Scheme
Uploaded By
Sami Tipi Limited

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