The Real Wedding of Meg & Sam

Meg & Sam's Wedding Story

Meg and Sam chose to have their wedding in Somerset at the fully working 1000 year old mill and beautiful gardens of Gants Mill in the picturesque Village of Bruton.

Their luck was in, when a heavy storm past over the south-west of England the night before their wedding leaving the air clear and still producing a beautiful summers day with just the right around of cloud in the sky and a light breeze in the air. Some would say the perfect day for a wedding.

Meg and Sam both prepared for their wedding in two seperate B’n’B’s in the centre of the village of Bruton. Meg and her entourage of Brides maids had a relaxing morning getting ready while sam and his boys managed to find a pub with a ping pong table

Meg’s walk down the aisle was through a beautiful winding path through the gardens of Gants Mill’s Garden and ended with her arrival at a beautifully arranged outdoor ceremony in a wooden Bandstand covered in beautiful wisteria.

The Ceremony itself was beautiful with several readings form close family and friends and the Registrar was wonderfully humorous leaving the couple feeling both relaxed and full of smiles.

After the ceremony the Brides maids handed out rose petals to all 150 of the guests, who were then instructed by the Master of Ceremonies and owner of Gants mill to create an avenue of the bride and groom to walk down while the rose petals rained down on them.

As the Guests began looking for their seats on the table plan they found that each table was named after a Bristol pub with names such as Hob goblin, The Hare and the King William. The guests were treated to 3 types of paella for their wedding breakfast, chicken and chorizo, pawn and vegan. All cooked on site by the fantastic catering team from fresh food events

As a nod to Meg and Sam's love of festival life, after the Paella all the guests were issued with neon day glow face paints on their tables. To which great fun was had decorating each other faces in hilarious designs and patterns.

In the early evening an Ice cream van arrived ringing out it merry tune, bringing with it the youthful memories and excitement of yesteryears.
Meg and Sam even Served their some of their guest the Mr Whirly cones.
(Icecream van supplied by )

Meg and Sam’s Wedding cake was actually a three tiered Pork Pie Wedding cake. Which looked amazing with its glazed pastry and grape garnish.

Their First Dance was a joy to watch as they showed off a little dance routine they had mastered in secrete and the most amazingly fun three piece wedding band I have ever seen called Thrill Collins.

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Gants Mills, Bruton Somerset
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