The Real Wedding of Louisa & Rachael

Louisa & Rachael's Wedding Story

Louisa & Rachael Oct 18

Fabulous Fun, a weekend of family, friends, games, celebrations, beautiful views and of course the coming together of Rachael and Louisa! We really honestly felt like we were part of this wedding, from the minute we arrived at Knockerdown Cottages a beautiful venue in the Peak District. Our journey took us just north of Ashbourne (one of the Peaks traditional market and antiques towns) across the hills until we arrived at Knockerdown. The views to the valley below were amazing and the venue just perfect for a weekend of fun. It was entitled Louisa and Racheals Big Weekend for a reason, it was exactly that.

The venue being a mixture of cottages with bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens every guest was self sufficient, but Rachael and Louisa had created a new room...The Beer Tent, with a constant supply on tap of refreshments and an array of decorated jam jars doubling up as glasses, all individually decorated. The Games around the cottages had all been made by Rachael as activities not just on the wedding day, but on the Friday and for the "Sports Day" Sunday (although after Saturday I'm wondering how banging heads handled that!).

The excitement (and nerves) pre wedding ceremony were fab, from kilts to dresses everyone just mucked in and helped with the whole getting ready, makeup/hair process. We could already start to pick out personalities of the bridal party by their unique and apt "lego" buttonholes all part of the gamed themed wedding and weekend.

Emotional service, Rachael cried, Louisa smiled...but it was obvious these two lovely ladies were born to be together, from the sound of the applause the cheers and the laughing and crying from the guests.

And so the afternoon, fun, friends, family coming together and sharing their happiness, plenty to drink (its on tap), the canapes sublime...where did that Pate get made? Then playing with games, Pugle fighting, Limbo dancing and a big set of ski's (don't ask), cocunut shy, draughts and fun with our frame and a little bit of together time for Rachael and Louisa overlooking the dales and the views. With a day of rain forecast, we were prepared held off and kept us outside enjoying some sunshine, blue skies and green fields.

Food was a hit, the speeches were a treat with parents making us shed a tear and the funniest Victoria Wood moment we have ever experienced when Best Buddy Kath took to the keyboard it was a song about...well, Rachael and Louisa of course (and others), a song from the heart with experiences that only their "kid" could provide.

The Fun Studio was a massive hit, they couldn't leave the props alone whilst the room was converted from dining to disco, hats, props, wigs and naughty-ness! We will say no more.

And so we departed leaving a party in full swing a dance floor packed and the spirit full to the brim of, of course the contents of the beer tent.

Loved this day so very much, thank you for enabling Jen and I to be part of your Big Weekend. Next time...we'll stay a little longer, reckon I could have smashed the Pugel sticks. And...don't think I've ever seen so many photos of pants ever!...You know who you are!!!

Thank you to all the kilt wearers and tartan wearers for making the day just wonderful and keeping us to time!

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