The Real Wedding of Lindsey & Tom

Lindsey & Tom's Wedding Story

Lindsey and Tom were married at St Bartholemew’s Church, Elvaston.
The morning was a really relaxed one - Lindsey getting her hair done in the kitchen, her Mum (who didn't want her picture taking) having her make-up done upstairs, and Dad wandering around checking out the new garden, along with Barclay the dog . The morning went really quickly and it wasn't long before it was a quick dash to Elvaston Church.

I'd been to the church the week before to have a wander around and get a vibe for the place, and it's a wonderful little church that personally means a great deal to Lindsey and Tom.

Shortly after I arrived at the church the guests started to arrive, many of them checking their phones because the England team was to play Sweden in the World cup quarter final with the kickoff at 3pm... i.e the same time as the ceremony...!

There are many parts that I love at weddings, but possibly my favourite part is the moment before the Bride arrives; you can always sense the tension in the air, the guests are excited, Mum and Dad are looking nervous, but most of all the Groom tends to look terrified. Tom was sat at the front of the church with his best man Andy - they were chatting, they were laughing, and you could see that Andy was winding Tom up a little bit. Tom was playing it cool but you could see on his face he was really nervous.

The ceremony was conducted by Ed the priest, who had recently been ordained. This was his first wedding, and he absolutely nailed it! He also popped along to the after-show party.

During the ceremony there were a series of images that I really enjoyed from the wedding , it was the moment where Ed the priest asked Lindsay’s Dad to pass her hand to Tom. There is a series of 4-5 images which shows Lindsey hand being passed from her Dad to Tom and the face of Lindsay’s Dad sticks in my mind. Lindsay’s mum in the morning had mentioned that her Dad was not being himself because he felt that he was losing his daughter, so seeing this series of images means a lot more knowing what I had heard in the morning.

Once the ceremony was done and the wedding register was signed, it was off outside to meet, greet and thank everybody who was there for the ceremony. There were plenty of hugs, kisses, smiles and laughter – perfect for me to get some images.

The after-show party was held at Tom and Lindsey’s house, and they had done an amazing job to get everything set for all their family and friends to enjoy a warm afternoon celebrating their wedding. Tom had converted the garage into man-pad comprising of a TV on the wall (which did fall down…!), a gin bar, sofas for people to chill out on and plenty of help on hand to serve all the drinks.

We were quite fortunate on the day that the weather was very good, which meant that the outdoor disco and DJ could rock the guests all night. In between the speeches and the cake cutting there were plenty of embarrassing stories (mainly of Tom) especially the Top Gun bedroom story….

It’s not very often I get a chance to photograph the first dance outdoors, so it was nice to get some natural light first dance photographs - and then when the lighting was a little bit darker it was nice to bring out the single flash, and get stuck in on the dance floor.

Tom and Lindsey have some wonderful family and friends and it’s no surprise that everybody loved the day. Congratulations guys, and thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding.

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St Bartholemew’s Church, Elvaston Derbyshire
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