The Real Wedding of Leah & Andrew

Leah & Andrew's Wedding Story

I hold Dryburgh Abbey in the Scottish Borders dear to my heart. The abbey is famous for being Sir William Scott’s final resting place. However, its uniqueness resides in its stone remains, and beautiful grounds with the tall sequoia trees. The whole offers magnificent scenery for a wedding and therefore great photographs. For instance, the time I photographed the wedding of a Russian princess in the snowfall. Fortunately, this is precisely where Leah and Andrew had decided to gather all their loved ones at the beginning of autumn to celebrate their union. We had done an engagement photo-shoot in Edinburgh several months before. Consequently, we had become friends and everything went smoothly for this wedding. If you are planning to get married at the Dryburgh Abbey, don’t forget to get in touch!

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Dryburgh Abbey, Dryburgh Scottish Borders
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Tom Migot Photography

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