The Real Wedding of Kenson & Adam

Kenson & Adam's Wedding Story

he Arkwright Rooms are stunning and the perfect place for the wedding of Kenson and Adam.

The guys had done a fantastic job of personalising the venue, with a ball pit for the kids, a ride on unicorn, the flowers, the balloons and the newspaper that they had put together full of photos, stories, timings of the day and was a great way to say thank you to everyone that had been a part of their journey.

The day started for me by capturing all the little details and guest arrivals. It wasn’t long before Kenson and Adam arrived together.

I love that the guys were not sticking to the ‘rules’ of traditional British wedding, where the couple are not allowed to see each other before the ceremony, love it! I love that they wanted to enjoy the day start to finish together, why not!?

The wedding ceremony was beautifully done with the registrars on good form making sure that Kenson and Adam did all their legal duties in the right way, repeating the correct sentences, saying the right things and getting all the “I Do’s” in the right places.

Once the legal formalities were done, it was time for the confetti run back down the aisle – love getting stuck in for these photos, makes you feel so close to the action when looking at the photos.

The weather held off for the afternoon mingling, drinks and canapes and after a few family and friends formals pictures and some quiet photos of Kenson and Adam – it was time for the speeches.

The speeches at a wedding are where you find out about the couple; it’s such a private part of the day. You hear funny stories, you hear about struggles, about loved ones no longer around, and the support of exceptional people in the couples lives.

This is a time as a photographer you have to not step over the line, balancing the need of your work and being respectful of what is being said and the emotions of everyone doing speeches or listening to the speeches. As you can see from the photos of the speeches, there were tears; there were laughs and a whole lot of love.

The evening kicked off with the cake cut and the first dance. It’s so lovely to photograph the first dance using the natural light coming through the large windows of the Arkwright Room – rather than it be pitch black and fighting the DJ’s rave lights!

I genuinely loved the wedding of Kenson and Adam, a couple who are a perfect match, great family and friends and it was great that they all let me do my thing – capturing their wedding as it happened.

Andy x

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Arkwright Rooms, Nottingham Nottinghamshire
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