The Real Wedding of James & Eniko

James & Eniko's Wedding Story

On the day of the wedding, myself and Erin my second photographer and assistant started the day off with the bride and groom prep at the Inn On The Lake Hotel in Glenridding.

The bridal prep went as it normally does with the photographing of the wedding dress, flowers perfume shoes, and other girly things, along with the hair and makeup preparations. Eniko looked amazing against the big bay windows looking out on to the ground and Ullswater beyond.

Soon it was time for the wedding ceremony in the beautifully decorated room which the groom, James has set out during the morning.

After the ceremony, it was time for drinks and canopies before heading out for some wedding photos, as it happened we managed to get a 15-minute break in the weather to get some lovely photos around the grounds before the rain came back.

Time for the wedding breakfast and speeches, and one very big surprise for Eniko, James had planned to give everyone a gift box that contained a scratch card and a few sweets, but in Eniko's box was something just a little bit different.

As she stood in the middle of the room she opened her box to find a keyring that was in the shape of a registration plate for your car it had written on it ENIIKOS a private reg she was over the moon and very happy to receive this gift but that was only the first part, the keyring came along with a car, a brand new Rangrover Sport, she could not believe it the expressions were amazing and now she had to go out in the rain and see it hidden at the bottom of the grounds on the shoreline of Ullswater.

After this amazing surprise, it was now time to head out on to Ullswater on a steamboat for all the guests and James & Eniko, a great way to relax and enjoy the scenery before the evening party got underway, oh and what a great party it was.

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Inn On The Lake Hotel, Glenridding Cumbria
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Ashley Barnard Photography

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