The Real Wedding of Ilena & Drazen

Ilena & Drazen 's Wedding Story

‘I would love to recreate our wedding EVERY year at the Pump House Gallery. But with that being a little unrealistic so I will bear an anniversary dinner idea in mind instead.

I still can't believe how magical everything was, everything went so smoothly all the moving parts were handled with such professionalism. I think even my husband and I didn't realize just how much was going on behind the scenes with making sure staff were on the gates at exactly the right times, in the moment problem solving and even helping me find my bag at the end of the night when somehow 10 of us who were left couldn't locate it!

I thought it was so fun because all the benches around the outside of the space where the bandstand is were full of passers-by watching the wedding and I got stopped so many times on my way to the ceremony by people in the park wishing me congratulations and joy. I think that's such a selling point of this venue; some people asked me before if it wouldn't be odd for our wedding to be open to strangers - but I think that it's magical; people LOVE weddings and I feel like we got to spread some of our happiness even wider.

Wishing the Event Team all the best and I have absolutely no doubt this venue will continue to be top wedding destination. Good luck!’
Ilena & Drazen Jorgic

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Battersea Park, London Greater London
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Battersea Park

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