The Real Wedding of Chloe & Dan

Chloe & Dan's Wedding Story

Please describe how you met your partner and how you knew they were the one :) (this may be used online in a blog post and or website).
we met on a Tuesday night out (student night) in embargo’s ( Northampton town centre) March 2012. He offered to buy me a drink, I said no, so he replied ‘my names Dan Cotton remember that’ and walked off haha! I did remember thankfully and I’m glad I did!

Tell me the story of how your partner proposed to you.
November 2017 - in a cottage in the Cotswolds, he put the ring on the end of our son Harry’s bed and when I went to check on him it was there wide open ,I walked down the stairs and he was one one knee in the kitchen. He then said that famous line “will you marry me?!”

Please describe the theme and reason you chose the theme for your wedding day?
we don’t have a theme, just very neutral rustic decor.

Please describe why you chose your wedding venue, what made it the perfect place for your wedding? What did you like most about the venue etc.
I’ve always wanted to get married in a barn, it’s homely, romantic and suits my colour scheme and style.

How would you describe your wedding (theme, vision, styling)? And why did you choose this theme?
I’ve always liked things to look classic and clean. I love browns, creams and whites.

What is your first dance and why did you pick that particular song?
our first dance is hunter Hayes - wanted, we love country music and dan used to play that particular song whenever we used to have nights in when we were dating. The song I am walking down the isle too (Brett young - in case you didn’t know) is very special to us too.

What made you choose 1st Class Wedding Photography & Videography for your wedding?
Because I know how good you are!

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Bassmead Manor Barns, St Neots Cambridgeshire
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