The Real Wedding of Cat & Ade

Cat & Ade's Wedding Story

“From the beginning we’ve made a point of defining our own terms in our relationship. Some call it bohemian but I think it’s just taking care of each other, trusting in our own love, being completely vulnerable around each other and doing things the way that works best for us as individuals. I think it’s easy to get caught up in conventions. Some conventions are romantic and serve their purpose, but whatever doesn’t serve us or makes us better, we replace with something that does. We’re both very child like and free spirited so we wanted the wedding to reflect us and how we are with each other, which is very sincere, vulnerable, silly and fun, and just not trying to be anything we’re not.”

“Without wanting to sound cheesy, our wedding was inspired by my wife”, Ade continued. “Somehow if I put her first I too am remembered. I just wanted to make her feel comfortable – and if she/we are comfortable I think that filters into the rest of the room… the day. And it did. There was a real sense of love and honesty in the room and no performance.”

“We saved money on our cake which was a rich lemon drizzle cake, topped with home made limoncello and lemon sorbet. I think if we would have purchased the cake it could easily have cost a couple grand. But all you need is time, a bit of imagination (or Pinterest) and a steady hand and you can do an amazing and spectacular cake that feeds up to 80 people for just a couple hundred pounds.”

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finchley golf club, london Greater London
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Sam & Yaz

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