The Real Wedding of Aimee & Parag

Aimee & Parag's Wedding Story

I arrived the night before to find Aimee & Parag with their guest in full party mode, poker on the table and the Italian wine flowing, what a time to arrive. Before I knew it I had a big glass of red wine and endless Italian food in front of me, you don’t get many better welcomes then that!

Set in the beautiful Tuscan hills of Italy at the Condi di san Bonifacio, this wedding was destined to be one to remember.

I’ll let the pictures tell you about what happened during the day, but I do have to just give a huge shout out to Parags Dad who originally didn’t feel strong enough to make it out to Italy but managed to be there for this very special day.

Wedding Details

Venue Details
Conti Di San Bonifacio, Tuscany Essex
Colour Scheme
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Joseph Kinerman Photography

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