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Your Zodiac Wedding

Your Zodiac Wedding

What star sign are you and how well do these predictions match your planning styles...?

LIBRA – You’re the ultimate romantic so an artsy affair is right up your alley. Rent a gallery space or a location full of history. Hire a string quartet and read poetry before your vows, and practice the first dance with your lover. Hire a videographer to relive the magic.

ARIES – This is YOUR day to be queen! All eyes are on you, so go bold with hair and makeup and hire the very best photographer. Make it a royal affair with a long train, lavish ceremony and plenty of sweet smelling flowers!

TAURUS – Stick to tradition if you’re a Taurus. Weddings are about uniting families as far as your sign is concerned. The ceremony will probably take place in a giant park or an elegant winery.

SAGITTARIUS – You’d like a destination wedding, and your commitment-shy sign is a nature lover at heart, so perhaps the woods for a rustic celebration. You’ll inject a lot of humour with a bawdy toast/roast, line dancing, and of course, a photobooth.

SCORPIO – Your deeply private sign doesn’t love the idea of being vulnerable in front of a huge crowd. You’ll probably elope then have the show wedding a month later. A plunging dress is for you, but take it easy with the champagne!

GEMINI – You’re committing. For life. This can be a scary time for a Gemini, but you cannot wait for the party! Hiring the DJ is an important part of the planning process for you, and you’re very excited to celebrate the day and paint the town red with your friends.

CANCER – You’d prefer an intimate ceremony, as you hate emoting in public. You’re likely to get married abroad with just a couple of witnesses or in a quiet location to avoid onlookers or guests. Enjoy a catered affair in your own backyard with chic, DIY décor or a candlelit spring garden.

LEO – Number one on your list is entertainment. You want the aisle to be your runway and the reception to star a live band, magician, fire spinner, the works! Your main aim is to put on a performance.

VIRGO – You’ll have the Pinterest-perfect wedding. After your simple ceremony under the bright blue summer sky, invite guests to a rustic barn with a nature-driven theme. There will be fairy lights everywhere and flowers in mason jars. Photograph everything with Polaroid cameras for the perfect Instagram pics!

CAPRICORN – You’ll appreciate high end elegance. It’s wifey for life with your dedicated sign, so expect a hand-selected pinot, high class menu, and a wedding in a mansion or country club with acres of property. Family is everything to you, just don’t let them dictate everything.

AQUARIUS – You’re not anti-love, but weddings seem like a farce to you. The humanitarian in you requests rock ‘n’ roll musicians to be invited, writers to read works of love, and a pot-luck style meal. Pick a suggested charity for donation.

PISCES – There won’t be a dry eye in the house at your ceremony. You’ll be sobbing along the aisle so opt for waterproof mascara. You love a theme and enjoy planning your wedding elements to ‘Under the Sea,’ or ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ If guests show up in costume, it will please you more than the wedding itself.