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Win sparklers for your wedding

Win sparklers for your wedding

As part of our Win a £25,000 Wedding Competition, the winner will receive £500 worth of Sparklers for their wedding day courtesy of

Alongside all of the fabulous wedding prizes you receive when you win the £25,000 wedding competition, even the small details are provided that just add that little extra sparkle to the day. is a company dedicated to offering the widest range of sparklers available in the UK. They can personalise sparkers for your wedding day with special sparkler tags, and they believe in offering sparklers at reasonable prices for brides-to-be that are having to spend thousands on other elements of their wedding.

They also offer sparklers for birthdays, anniversaries, cakes and every other occasion that could do with adding a little sparkle. They have all the appropriate safety products too.

For the winner of our competition, the company will give sparklers away for up to 1,000 guests with personalised sparkler tags; a prize worth over £500.

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