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Traditional White Wedding Ideas

Traditional White Wedding Ideas

One groom, one cake, two wedding dresses and two brides... Yummy actor David Tennant experiences nuptial nuisances as new movie The Decoy Bride presents the dilemma facing all UKbrides: a big traditional white wedding or a small intimate ceremony? This month, we investigate the new wedding movie that's set to be 2011's biggest romcom...

Wedding planning stress! Expense! Family! No wonder UKbride's members consider — if only for a brief moment — doing a moonlight flit in their wedding dress to marry in secret at Gretna Green, or on a secluded island in the sun! That might not be as easy as it sounds, though... just ask David Tennant!

David's new movie, which is currently being filmed on the Isle of Man and in Dumfries and Inverany, tells the story of a celebrity couple who flee the paparazzi to marry on the fictitious secluded island of Hegg... but wedding plans don't exactly run smoothly!

At the start of the film, the wedding of internationally famous film star Lara, played by Alice Eve, to tweedy British author James, David Tennant, is sabotaged by a paparazzo. They decide to relocate the event to the one place where the world’s press won’t find them: a sleepy island featured in James’s best selling novel.

The island is, the couple finds, very different from the romanticised picture James has created  — perhaps because he never actually visiting it — much to the shock of Lara’s manager Steve, played by Ugly Betty’s ascerbic assistant Michael Urie, who has less than 24 hours to transform this fantasy world before the superstar arrives.

When the ingenious paparazzo track the couple down, Lara must find a decoy bride and thinks local girl Katie, played by Kelly MacDonald, will be an ideal replacement.

However, when Katie meets James sparks fly, wedding dresses get ruined and love gets complicated. Will Katie be able to fool the awaiting media and live up to being a stand-in for the world’s most famous movie star?

As we write this, filming is being wrapped up and the movie, produced by Ecosse films, will reach cinemas in Spring 2011.

Would you flee to a deserted island to marry your fiancée? Would you marry David Tennant? Debate all this and more on our Forum; simply click here.

Getting Away with Getting Away from it all

Tips for Planning the Perfect Nuptial Getaway...

1. Be sure: You really want to get away from family and friends and marry in a small, intimate ceremony? Are you sure...? Amid the stress of wedding planning, it's easy to think of marrying secretly abroad or at somewhere like Gretna Green as being the easy option, but the reactions of family and friends can sometime make doing so no less stressful. Meanwhile, you and your husband may feel a little 'short-changed' after a small ceremony — be honest, you wanted the wedding dress, the party and all the trimmings, didn't you?

2. Announce your intentions, gently!: Many of your family and friends will understand your desire for a low-key ceremony but some will be offended. Breaking it to them gently and explaining your reasons quietly and calmly may diffuse any adverse reactions.

3. Have broad shoulders: Whilst you may feel the need to justify your plans to some, others just won't accept your decision — and there's nothing you can do about that. It's your day, so do it your way and if you encounter opposition, don't feel you have to please all the people, all the time...

4. Plan a small celebration back home: You may marry elsewhere, but relatives will still expect a bit of a celebration back home — plan at least a small celebration for well-wishers back home.

5. Plan meticulously: If you're choosing to marry abroad, away from family and friends, make sure you've planned your event properly rather than just acting on impulse; for instance, will your intimate ceremony still carry legal status back in the UK? Will you have photos of your ceremony to show your non-present well-wishers? Marrying abroad or in an intimate ceremony in the UK doesn't mean you'll escape the need to plan your wedding completely!


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Fancy a more intimate wedding?

Seeking a secluded wedding destination? We've some suggestions for wedding locations that borrow from The Decoy Bride's idea of a secluded Scottish Wedding...

1. Historically, Gretna Green is renowned for being Scotland’s premier wedding destination for those escaping disapproving families and marital laws or restrictions. However, in this day and age those wishing to avoid a large scale celebration are not restricted to hosting their ceremonies in serene Scotland. The Mill, Gretna Green describes its weddings as “world famous” offering a beautiful wedding and reception in one location.

2. Fenton Tower House is a “magnificent, fortified sixteenth century tower, located just twenty miles east of Edinburgh between Gullane and North Berwick, which has been meticulously restored to provide luxury accommodation,” making it a superb venue for wedding celebrations.

3. Glengorm Castle on the tranquil Isle of Mull offers a “relaxed and informal atmosphere” suiting those couples wishing to escape for a stress free wedding.

4. Comlongan Castle promises a “blend of history and privacy. The Castle's private one hundred and twenty acre estate reveals sweeping manicured lawns, secluded gardens, ornamental carp filled ponds, paddocks and woodlands.”

5. Forter Castle has been described as “the perfect location for the intimate Highland wedding. The castle has its very own chapel for a unique day.”

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