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Wedding Videography

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life... and is one day to remember for the rest of your life. Trust us to film your special day and we GUARANTEE that we will give you the very best in Wedding Filming services.

Some words about us is the dedicated wedding filming service from and is owned and run by Gareth W Hughes.

We have been exceeding our clients' expectations for 33 years and we're 100% positive that we can exceed yours too!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life... and is one day to remember for the rest of your life. Trust us to film your special day and we GUARANTEE that we will give you the very best in Wedding Filming services.

Over the last 30 years or so we have developed a relaxed and friendly approach to wedding filming - helping to showcase you and your special day in the best way possible.

In years to come the legacy that GBCTelevision will leave behind will be the hundreds of films that have moments of pure enjoyment sealed inside them. Memories that will live on beyond the current generation, memories that will be treasured by generations to come.

“Long after the flowers have dried and the musicians have gone home our Ultimate Wedding Film will be ours to treasure forever” – a snapshot of a moment in time. A memory of people. A memory of great times. Filming weddings and lovingly crafting them into finished films. Creating the memories. What an utter privilege!

We are incredibly proud of our wedding filming service; we always go the extra mile to ensure that the finished films capture every moment of your special day. We spend many hours working on our films - ensuring that they are edited in the very best way possible.

What will the winners receive?


The Winners of the UKBRIDE “Win a £25K Wedding” will receive the following:

· Our top-of-the-range Ultimate Wedding Film package (£1200 without discounts)

· A “Queue Jump” worth £100 – taking them directly to the top of any current editing queue that we may have.

· Multiple DVD copies of their film

· A blu-ray High Def version of their film

· A USB memory stick version of their film

· An internet / online version of their film in our video library site to share with friends, family and UKBRIDE!

Their day will be filmed with up to 5 separate cameras and multiple audio sources allowing for the very best footage... and their completed film will be presented in two parts.

Part One: Filming will begin during the preparations before the Ceremony and will capture our bride-to-be getting ready along with her side of the wedding party. We will follow all of the fun and laughter during hair, makeup as well as on screen chats with her bridesmaids and family.

Over at the wedding venue we will capture her husband-to-be arriving and greeting their guests, friends and family as they gather, along with the general build up to the ceremony. Filming both inside and outside the ceremony venue we will capture the moment as our bride arrives too!

With everyone in place their filming will continue with their full wedding ceremony – capturing every look, every glance from multiple angles – giving us the very best footage to edit their film. Or groom will wear a tie-clip microphone so that we record crystal clear audio of their declarations, vows and ring exchanges. Working with their photographer we will film their “signing the register shots” and capture the great moment as they walk hand in hand up the aisle.

Part Two: As our couple leave the ceremony and walk up the aisle we will again work with their wedding photographer to capture the confetti throw, bride and groom shots and general mingling with their guests and as they head off to the afternoon reception.

Their film will continue with a montage of the build-up to their reception... including reception venue photos, group shots, everyone wishing them “congratulations” in a big group shot and their entry to their wedding breakfast room.

Next will come the speeches... everyone speaking will wear a microphone – so again we have amazing quality audio for their finished film... and should their reception event feature a singer, singing waiters etc we will capture this too

Between the afternoon and evening functions we will encourage as many of their friends and family to record special video messages as possible.

Their filming will continue with their evening function... cutting the cake, first dance, family dances, and will round off with some great footage from their evening function / band / disco – again we will digitally record any audio directly from the DJ or Band’s mixer to give the best results on their finished film.