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Hannah has just won a bespoke made-to-measure bridal gown

Hannah-Marie Piazza, Power User on UKbride, has just won an incredible handmade bespoke bridal gown to the value of £1,000 courtesy of the Glass Slipper!


What do you do for a living, how did you first meet, whereabouts do you live?

Ashley is self employed creating a new children’s brand. I work at Cranfield University helping students obtain internships during their studies. We first met through a mutual friend at the gym almost 7 years ago and I’ve always helped him out with work, we’ve been together around 4 years. We live in Bedford.

• When did he propose and how?

I actually proposed on a normal Wednesday at home with lots of different gifts telling him how much I love him.

• How’s the planning process going?

Money is a bit tight at the moment and we’re trying to work out our venue at the moment. With so much choice it’s tricky!

• Have you chosen any element of your wedding yet?

We’re focusing on the venue at the moment then will match up everything to suit. 

• What did it feel like to know you’ve won a £1,000 wedding prize?

So surreal. I thought it was going to be a work call! I thought I was going to cry telling my mum and partner!

I’ve been using UKbride for around 6 months now. I love the real life stories and the categories! Plus the bride tips always interest me!

• Have you had a look at the Glass Slipper’s website?

I have quite a few times now! I fell in love with their fairytale collections and always wanted a medieval style gown to get married in. I’ve never been an “off the shelf” type person!