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The Biggest Wedding Trends for 2017

The Biggest Wedding Trends for 2017

If you want to know what other brides-to-be are doing, here are the trends set for this year when decorating your venue…

Back to the Country – A lot of brides want to get hitched at home with their families, so there are less weddings in cities, and more weddings held in the countryside.

Food you REALLY want – Many couples are ditching the formal sit down meal for pizza ovens, barbecues, and street food. They’re choosing flavour over formality.

Lots of Props – It’s becoming easier and easier to create your own wedding venue décor with great online retailers. There are a lot more blackboard signs, bikes, large floral displays and table bits and bobs than even before.

Themes – Most brides opt for a traditional style wedding with the big white dress and lavishly decorated stately home, but more and more brides are going for a theme. There are some really crazy ones too from Star Wars to super heroes.

And finally, if you’re struggling to decide on a colour theme, there are three very popular choices for 2017; light pink or blush, soft grey and navy. Also, the trend that has taken the wedding world by storm – GLITTER! Brides are loving glitz and glamour and are putting it everywhere!