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Confetti, Buttonholes and more from Shropshire Petals

As part of our £25K Win a Wedding Competition, natural petal confetti suppliers, Shropshire Petals will be providing the winner with a confetti package worth over £500!


As part of our £25K Win a Wedding Competition, natural petal confetti suppliers, Shropshire Petals will be providing the winner with a confetti package worth over £500!

The winner will receive:

· 2 of their renowned Shropshire Boxes

· 2 of their fun Confetti Pop Boxes

· 2 Flower Girl Baskets complete with a litre of confetti

· 2 litres of large petals

· 2 packs of wheat buttonholes

· 5 Wheat Sheaves

· 1 Wheat Wreath

The winner will be able to choose their preferred confetti colours, confetti cone colour and their favourite colour from the wheat collection.

Shropshire Petals grow and produce 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly natural petal confetti as well as dried flowers floral arrangements.  Pick & mix your own unique confetti combinations, choosing from a wonderful selection of colours and petal types, or simply select one of their popular mixes.

With a fantastic range of packaging options to choose from, your confetti is guaranteed to be a showstopper on your wedding day.  Here are 6 confetti ideas to make your confetti moment one to remember:

Provide enough gorgeous petal confetti for at least half of your guests to throw, this will ensure you get that all-important memorable photo. A litre of confetti is enough for 10-12 handfuls, so if you’ve got 100 guests we’d recommend 5 litres of confetti, that’s enough for 50-60 guests to throw! Of course if you want all your guests to throw, the more the merrier!

There is no right or wrong when it comes to where and when to have your confetti moment. Some couples choose to walk down the aisle as guest throw, this gives their photographer multiple opportunities, others prefer to be surrounded by their guests for one big throw, and it’s becoming increasingly popular to save the confetti moment until the first dance. Whichever way you celebrate your confetti moment, make sure to have a chat with your photographer and venue before the big day. They’ll be able to give their expert knowledge of where and when is best to get the confetti moment of your dreams.

Your wedding day is unique and so is your confetti moment. Match your confetti, cones or pops to your wedding scheme with a wide range of colours, designs and even an option to personalise your packaging.

Scatter natural petal confetti around your venue and reception for decoration. Sprinkle delicate petals onto your tables for a bold colour pop or create a petal path aisle to walk down before you say “I do.

Surprise your guests with the unexpected and make a bang with a Confetti Cannon filled with your choice of biodegradable petal confetti. Your groomsmen will be fighting over who gets to launch the cannon and everyone can enjoy being surrounded by beautiful fluttering petals.

Have some fun with your guests and confetti; who said confetti was just for the bride and groom? Order some additional confetti for your photo booth and let your photographer capture you playing with confetti. You could take a handful and blow it towards the camera, have the bridal party throwing confetti over each other or see how creative the children can get and photograph those special moments!

Tip: For throwing confetti, Shropshire Petals always recommend using smaller petals such as their delphiniums and wildflowers as they are light and delicate, creating a perfect flutter as they fall.

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